A Post Trump America

A message from RMV:



  1. Step back a bit. Look at the big picture. The two political parties represent two distinct, conflicting ideas of what it means to be “American”. It is reasonable that the Republicans would try to make Obama’s tenure as short and ineffective (relative to his agenda) as possible. And it is reasonable from their point of view that Democrats would try to thwart Republican agendas. If the Republican’s view of governance is most valid they should stop Obama. If the Democrat’s view of governance is most valid they should stop the Republicans. This defines our central challenge – Which side winning gives humanity its best future?
    Of secondary importance, our two competing parties have selected two deeply flawed “leaders”. What is the nature of their flaws (and talents) and how will these characteristics affect the guidance needed to advance the needed governance.
    As for the difference between Republican and Democrat we need to understand the difference between “justice” (a Republican focus), and “social justice” (a Democrat focus). As regards our read of America’s founding document, recognize that ideas pertaining to “original intent” (Republican) are in conflict with those of a “living Constitution” (Democrat). Does a free market economy (Republican) enrich the human environment more than would a more centralized redistributionist control system (Democrat)? Do citizens derive more satisfaction (productivity and self-pride) when they perceive themselves responsible (Republican) than when they perceive that other people/forces are responsible (Democrat)? Has America been mostly a force for good in the world (Republican) or are we no better (or more harmful as Howard Zinn depicted in his “People’s History of The United States”) than other countries?
    The real enemy is false belief. Our task is to establish WITH GOOD EVIDENCE the highest probability truths and then act accordingly.

  2. It’s like the new NFL.More savage head hits( for which you pay money),more clowns doing “testing”, Ten yards added to the P.A.T. and running a blocked PAT the other way for points!.Confused officials,missed calls and plenty points but the game is no better and may in fact be degraded.Anyway we can ‘t duck out of the coliseum. Better Victoria than Nero !!

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