America’s Mid Life Crisis: The Power Elite aren’t going away.

Three debates have gone by and the sheep’s clothing has been shed.The Donald is back in his snarling wolf like,misogynistic,howling,thinly veiled racist-fascist form.Did anyone really believe that he could get away from the form that has punished twenty republican candidates and entranced absolutists be they evangelicals or neo nazis?
It is unfortunate that a private interaction,unwisely taped,is the triggering mechanism,but ideas of confidentiality with Snowden revelations and Wikileaks etc,the sources of otherwise unavailable information,(e.g.the Romney 47percent talk)but with different ” facts” for different folks as a dominant theme…Welcome to our world!
This election will be critical for America and the world.The GOP has settled for a down ticket hang on to the house and senate strategy that,with voter disqualification and local gerrymandering,will frustrate a Hillary Presidency just as it has an Obama Presidency forcing executive action(readily blocked)and declaring an imperial Presidency when successful.A progressive Supreme Court might never get the chance to act.Tactical delay would also mark international relations,health care reform,tax reform,immigration reform,and trade agreement.But hold on, the Trumpeter could win and with the help of Vladimir Putin,send us all to nuclear hell!
By the way the rocket ship to Mars for the world’s power elite isn’t quite ready!



  1. Ah, real conflict!
    This is in regard to SB comment 17 Oct at 12:19 AM

    SB grabs a ball that doesn’t exist, runs 60 yards for a touchdown and does a magnificent victory dance. Somehow she has advanced the acts of unwanted kissing and groping to the level of “rape”. Why would a mind equate unwanted advances with the truly vicious act of rape? (And believe that “power” is the only motive that explains both?). Here are two of several possibilities: It turns Trump’s boorishness into the vicious crime of rape. People who buy this slanderous distortion are less likely to vote for him. And, delicious sensations of self-righteous indignation can be heightened by choosing to run with this extreme interpretation.
    Trump and his deep pockets have been in the limelight for over 30 years. No one in that time came forward with such complaints. But we have a recording of his admitting to “what he can get away with” just because he is famous. Because of this it is easier to believe those who come forward. But what will some women do for 15 minutes of fame or fantasy? The quality of testimony is another level of complexity challenging the accuracy of our judgments.

    SB asks what issues are greater than the character of either Hillary or Trump. What has the SCOTUS denied me? What evil would I like to overturn? Am I being kept from voting or exercising free speech?

    Just about everything I have contributed to this blog has dwelt with these questions. But here is a quick although incomplete summation:
    Equal justice for all is denied to the degree that “social” justice is allowed to dominate. Central planning by a monopolistic big government will cause diminished levels of invention, medicine, medical care, and diminished efficiency in the distributions of all limited resources. (Which is EVERYTHING we bid for with our dollars.) Monopolistic government will tend to print “money” (increasing debt) which diminishes a trust that “money” represents anything real. And it diminishes the incentives needed to inspire the greatest productivity. The individual liberty guarantees associated with the freedom of speech and freedom of religion are threatened by a “living constitution” majority Supreme Court. Even an atheist can understand that some forms of faith provide needed comfort, and incentivize believers to enthusiastically enter into socially helpful behavior. Forcing some to disavow tenets of their faith diminishes or excludes to society the contributions of those who become “unacceptable” or are not among the “favored” groups. Dollars that I hoped would power my voice in support of Romney may have been diminished or eradicated by the IRS shelving tax relief status to a number of conservative organizations. This demonstrates a corruption of high level agencies that resemble the politics of despot third-world countries. I don’t call it “evil”, but we see the cultivation of a “faith” that government knows better than you how to run your business. It should determine who you can hire and at what cost, what feelings are appropriate or not, and pushing for a more equal distribution of product is of greater importance than a system that provides a plentitude of product. Instead of a God to give our lives meaning a great new cause has been invented – “From each according to ability – to each according to need”. With a priesthood of the elite in control we are progressively being forced to bow to the new redistributionist “religion” of Leftism. One doesn’t need to be religious to see that this is probably the greatest threat (evil?) relative to our structuring the best-possible road forward for humanity.

      1. SB says that she feels “sad” for me.
        You and all others needn’t feel sad for me. If empathy for others actually means something you could justifiably feel sadness for those who struggle at the edges – and find essential resources becoming progressively scarce or totally unavailable. That is, if the trends of the last eight years prevail.

        I have seen my challenge as being that of testing the accuracy of the “charts” that we MUST use in order for humanity to navigate MOST safely its voyage into the future. When we use inaccurate charts those with the least seaworthy ships tend to be the first to destruction.

        I have measured ideas with, first empirical data, and then the best math/logic I can acquire to clarify our most rewarding path through a flowing future. These ideas are put on the table for others to test and if necessary correct, thereby enhancing even more the probability of their accuracy. Others should expect AND DESIRE that if their ideas are found to be insufficient in data or logic these weaknesses will be exposed and corrected.

        This blog portends to tap some of the highest aptitudes among the human population. It has been disappointing that more of these minds do not participate. We need to see penetrating analysis and much less in the way of superficial opinion. The quality of idea is for these purposes far more important than the display of sentiments.

  2. Mr. Spencer,
    I posted a rebuttal, but it seems to have not posted, so I will make a second rebuttal instead:
    Since you feel that Hillary is corrupt even though she has been found guilty of none of the “crimes” that she is accused of, I thought I should probably mention some things that Trump has said and done that neither Clinton, nor Obama would be allowed by the GOP to get away with. Here are a few:
    Trump degraded Sen. John McCain’s war record (and POWs in general).

    Trump spent months lying about how much he had raised for veterans groups until he was finally exposed by the media. It was discovered that he hadn’t actually raised as much as he claimed he had. It wasn’t until after he was busted lying about the amount raised that he personally wrote a check to cover the difference.

    Trump attacked the Khans, whose son died fighting in Iraq, for criticizing his bigotry at the DNC. Had Obama said similar comments to the Benghazi mother that Trump said about the Khans, they’d be bringing it up every single day.

    If President Obama was a self-admitted adulterer who had been divorced twice, was on his third marriage to a woman nearly a quarter century younger who had posed nude in the past and had five children by three different women — the attacks on his character and morals by the GOP would have been relentless. Both Clinton and Obama have been married only once, and both still are … apparently happily.

    With all the absurd conspiracies conservatives have concocted about Obama and Clinton, could you imagine if either refused to release their tax returns? Hell, conservatives wanted two forms of Obama’s birth certificate and his college transcripts, I can’t even imagine what they would be saying if he or Clinton were flat-out refusing to release their tax documents even though every presidential candidate for the last 40 years had done exactly that.

    At this point it’s basically indisputable that the Russian government is behind the DNC hacks and the attacks on voting information in several states. Yet, despite our intelligence community officially implicating Russia, Trump continues to defend the country, casting doubt on the evidence our security experts have used to link Putin to what’s going on — even suggesting at the second debate that there might not have been any hacks.

    Trump is running a campaign vilifying trade deals while having most of his company’s products made overseas. The truth is, Trump’s made bashing trade deals and outsourcing jobs a big part of his campaign even though he’s used these trade deals to outsource a lot of his company’s manufacturing to other countries for cheap labor. The blatant hypocrisy of it all is astounding, and something no Republican would ignore if a Democrat was doing the same thing — yet Republicans seem to be perfectly okay with Trump’s actions completely contradicting his campaign’s rhetoric.

    And Trump boasts that he would bring jobs to Americans, yet he uses foreign workers on visas to work at his resorts, claiming no American workers are available. Unemployed and under-employed workers in Florida are protesting that Trump ignores them while importing foreign workers.

    While his supporters didn’t seem to mind one bit when Trump accused a federal judge of not being able to ethically carry out his sworn duties because of his Mexican heritage, I can’t imagine President Obama saying that a white judge wouldn’t be fair to him because of race going over too well with millions of Trump’s most devout followers.

    While Trump has tried to dismiss his repulsive comments to Billy Bush as “locker room talk,” the truth is in that video Trump admitted to enjoying sexually assaulting women and trying to have another affair, this time with a woman who was, herself, married. Something tells me that if President Obama said something like that, Republicans wouldn’t be okay with dismissing such a horrific comment as “just locker room talk.”

    First, I’m pretty sure President Obama’s reaction to a man asking him if he thought one of his daughters was a “nice piece of ass” wouldn’t be to agree with him. However, if he did, I’m almost certain conservatives would be using that sort of creepy comment as a prime example of what a sick person he is.

    At what point is it ever okay to be a 46-year-old man looking at a 10-year-old then bragging to someone next to her that you’re going to marry her in 10 years? That’s nauseating on a whole other level — yet, Trump did.

    Saying that a woman’s weight was a “real problem,” then going on a Twitter tirade at 3 a.m. where he called that same woman disgusting and instructed people to seek out a non-existent sex tape in an effort to slander her name.

    I’m sure we all remember Trump referencing his penis size during one of the many GOP presidential debates. If you mentally blocked it out in a calculated effort to forget that it ever happened, let me apologize for reminding you.

    While Trump and his supporters have claimed it proves how “smart” he is that he apparently went at least 18 years without paying any taxes, if it was someone like President Obama who had done the same thing, they’d be calling it tax evasion. Besides, how smart is a businessman who loses almost a billion dollars in a single year?

    I can’t help but laugh at the idea that a guy who’s repeatedly admitted to trying to buy off politicians is the same person claiming he’s the one to make our government less corrupt. The level of ignorance it takes for someone to actually believe that is astounding.

    Now, let’s deal with Trump’s actual actions that should have been prosecuted as pedophilia:
    Four of the contestants in Trump’s Miss Teen USA pageant have come forward asserting that Trump deliberately walked in on them while they were changing into bikinis. They were under-age girls (15 & 16 years old at the time) and were either topless or totally nude at the time. They stated that Trump gawked at their bodies and told them “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.” No felony charges can be made since the statute of limitations has now passed. Nonetheless, Trump is guilty for abusing his ownership of the pageant as a license to be a criminal pedophile. If Clinton or Obama acted in such manner, Republicans would have them jailed.

    Trump has actually threatened to have his political opponent jailed though she has never been convicted of any crime. That’s the type of thing dictators do to their political opponents. That’s the man you are trying to defend as worthy to be our president. I would be ashamed to do the same.

    Here are some site links that contain audio and video evidence of Trump’s “sexual transgressions and questionable sexual proclivities” as you wish to call them. I call them sexual assaults and pedophilia.

    Are you still a Trump supporter, Mr. Spencer?

    1. GregoryS: “Are you still a Trump supporter, Mr. Spencer?”

      Defending/excusing Trump’s character behavior reveals the depravity which excuses cruelty and warped values. It’s extremely difficult to comprehend when expressed by highly educated citizens … especially those who have reached an age, if not maturity, level, claiming “this judgment process is an understanding of what motivates us to be most productive to the benefit of all.” The judgement process has been clearly expressed and lived by Trump … all about him, all for him, climaxing by him … and does not benefit all. It benefits only Trump, the personification of a shallow trophy seeker. We’re fortunate that, even from the most conservative corners of real family values, voices are registering their strongest opposition to Mr. Trump, admonishing their elders for their mixed and contradictory message.


      Greed trumps (pun intended) moral core? Demeaning and insulting. Welcome to fascism … or the fall of another empire.

      1. I have been trying to explain that the issues we face are bigger than the character of either Hillary or Trump. There are solid reasons to dislike both of these candidates. In other words, it is not Donald Trump that I am “supporting”. It is something of far greater import. What I support is the original idea that was America, the original intent of guaranteeing for each of our citizens, regardless what “group” they belong to, a right to individual liberty, Justice, and the PURSUIT of happiness. This fundamental value is threatened by another four years of government-induced dependencies writ indelible by the Progressive Party’s selection of “living constitution” Supreme Court judges.

        The significance of the above dwarfs the character issues. But an analysis of candidate history and their traits can help clarify the greater values. Gregory lists many of Trump’s faults. For instance, Trump is quick to demean the character of those who criticize him and often uses bizarre, insensitive means in doing so. A Gold Star couple slams him for supposed religious bigotry and he retorts by directing our attention to Islam’s tendency to view wives as having a subordinate role. He has never hidden his attraction for beautiful women (And yes, he apparently understands that philosophically “beauty” cannot exist without simultaneously acknowledging the existence of “ugly”) and many a story exists depicting his deviations from society’s norms. Those who hold dear the current “standards” regarding these impulses are repulsed. Interestingly it has been the Democrat party that has argued (I think justifiably) most vehemently for greater tolerance for sexual freedom. Yet suddenly Democrats claim to be shocked! Bottom line – Trump does not empathize well with many of our standards for displaying the “proper” sentiments. Those who want him to lose will exaggerate these characteristics.

        Hillary is more sensitive to society’s proprieties. A recent revealing of a speech she gave to Wall Street moguls spoke of the need to be two people – She knows how to present a public persona, which requires one set of attitudes, facts, and its stories, and another (sometimes conflicting) set of facts and stories for the operations of state. She is the only person that William Safire, a Pulitzer Prize winner and writer for the New York Times, called “a pathological liar”. As Secretary of State, Hillary’s approval was required for a uranium deal with Russia. Interestingly, as printed in the New York Times, this shifting of US assets to the control of one of the most dangerous countries in the world occurred shortly after two million had been “donated” to the Clinton Foundation by Russians pushing for a Canadian uranium company. And we know that our ambassador to Libya made many requests to State Department for more security and yet on Sep 11, 2012, that request, unanswered, contributed/resulted in his and the death of others. For political reasons she lied (along with Susan Rice speaking for the President) about the reasons causing those deaths. She lied to the mothers of Benghazi heroes, and she helped her husband smear and dismiss a number of the ladies with whom Bill sexually scandalized the Presidency.

        Yes, Trump has said things that are disgusting. Yes, Hillary has done things that are disgusting and life destroying as well. Both candidates are disgusting. But both are nowhere near anything that an honest person can call equivalent.

        1. Mr. Spencer,
          Sir, I totally disagree with this statement on your part: “The significance of the above dwarfs the character issues.” No sir, it does not! When a person is shown to be a pathological liar, a narcissist to the point of mental instability, a person whose rhetoric is in conflict with his proclaimed policies, a racist, a misogynist, a con-artist, a failed businessman, a pedophile, cheats on his wives (is an admitted philanderer even now), and a myriad of other character flaws, as you call them, that person is not fit to serve in any office at any level of government. So all of your other arguments become irrelevant at this point.

          There is a Libertarian (conservative) candidate who has few “character flaws” that is available to accept your conservative vote. Choosing someone of Trump’s character over him shows that you really aren’t voting your beliefs, your voting strictly based on partisanship. Personally, I’d be ashamed to vote for someone of Trump’s character. Maybe you are revealing your own character by voting for Trump … but that’s not for me to judge.

        2. DS: “He has never hidden his attraction for beautiful women … and many a story exists depicting his deviations from society’s norms. Those who hold dear the current “standards” regarding these impulses are repulsed. Interestingly it has been the Democrat party that has argued (I think justifiably) most vehemently for greater tolerance for sexual freedom. Yet suddenly Democrats claim to be shocked!”

          Democrat party? Sir, you continue to expose yourself in rather unflattering ways. Isn’t there an adage that recommends “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging” … that is, unless you’re attempting to go lower? In your flippant reference to “the current ‘standards'” you appear to be equating sexual freedom with rape culture. May I caution you that this is, at the least, a highly ignorant assessment, and, at most, a dangerous path. Rape and/or sexual assault is about power. Unwanted/unwelcomed approach is exactly that … unwanted and unwelcomed. “Tolerance” for consensual sex amongst adults … whether romantic, emotional or lustful … is none of anyone’s business. Predatory behavior, especially towards minors, is unlawful. These are not “deviations from society’s norms” but violative of public trust … one that goes part-and-parcel with the most powerful public office, the presidency of the United States.

          DS: “Trump does not empathize well with many of our standards for displaying the ‘proper’ sentiments. Those who want him to lose will exaggerate these characteristics.”

          Trump has displayed incapacity to empathize. “Exaggerate?” No. But, those who are insecure and filled with fear and hate will excuse every unacceptable utterance

          DS: “I have been trying to explain that the issues we face are bigger than the character of either Hillary or Trump.”

          Obviously unsuccessfully. What issues? What has the SCOTUS denied you? What evil would you like to overturn? Are you being kept from voting or exercising free speech?

          DS: “But both are nowhere near anything that an honest person can call equivalent.”

          Fully concur. Nowhere does Trump rise to her level of public service and commitment. And, with this, I’m leaving the sand box … and taking my marbles with me.

        3. So that there is no misunderstanding whatsoever, my response of 10/17/16, 12:19 AM was to Don Spencer 10/16/16, 10:42 PM … and not to GregoryS 10/16/16, 11:58 PM.

        4. “To befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business & corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

          Mr. Spencer, I quote Roosevelt because corruption seems to be a major concern of yours.

          Personally, I have not been waiting for the Citizens United decision to be overturned. I have been working with a national group to pass anti-corruption legislation by way of referendum vote because legislatures at all levels of government have been corrupted by the influence of money and none are willing, as a group, to pass anti-corruption legislation.

          The capital of the state of Florida, Tallahassee, was the first major city in America to pass all-encompassing, anti-corruption legislation. They did so by referendum vote since the legislature of Red State, Florida, refused to do so. is the group that backed this effort. I have actually gotten more friends from my Republican groups involved in this than I have Democrats (mainly because there are more GOP voters in my groups … Red State). Here’s a link to their site so that you can see that it’s a non-partisan effort to save our government … so put your partisanship aside, Mr. Spencer, and do the right thing.

        5. Mr. Spencer,
          Sir, I’d like to offer the candidates’ reactions to the fire-bombing incident that took place in North Carolina recently and let you judge which candidate made a more appropriate (presidential in manner) response to it on Twitter. Come to your own conclusions in considering how Donald Trump uses emotional abuse tactics to blame Hillary and Democrats for the bombing, whereas Hillary shows genuine concern for the unjust incident that took place, without trying to place blame. Tell me which response you believe is more “presidential”.

    2. Gregory;
      This is in response to your comment 17 Oct 5:48

      Your group looks like a delightful and positive means whereby voters learn how lobbyists manipulate the system. Any educational effort along these lines has got to be a benefit. Politicians who become vastly wealthy while conducting public service we need to view suspiciously – if not condemn – and vote out of power.
      In general, it is a monopoly of power that is most corruptive. Assigning to any government entity a monopolistic control over which political interests are to receive how much in the way of resources is perhaps among the most dangerous of acts. It is true that money magnifies the voice of those wishing to influence the structure of government and its direction. Keep the source of resources dispersed. If private interests acquire monopolistic levels of power they too are dangerous. However, as long as we have free market competition in the private sector, this source is less likely to do the kinds of damage that the natural reshuffling of private interests will not correct – and it will reflect more closely the interests of the general population and not the politically ensconced.

  3. daedal2207: “The Donald is back in his snarling wolf-like, misogynistic, howling, thinly veiled racist-fascist form.”

    Is back? The Donald never left us. His narcissistic nature, one in which his lust and need for notoriety have provided us with unparalleled record of debauchery and fraud, reminds us of the dragon monster allegorically visualized in Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” (thank you Tchaikovsky for the magnificent music). He’s been perched up in his mountain man-cave, malevolently guarding …actually, threatening … the trance in which our country has been. Obviously, these creatures have been around since the beginning of mankind. The Greeks told us. Can Hillary perform the Herculean labors? Is this a gender assignment as in cleaning the Augean stables?

    daedal2207: “It is unfortunate that a private interaction,unwisely taped,is the triggering mechanism …”

    It is unfortunate indeed that our sense of propriety needed a recording confirming Trump’s utter lack of respect for society and humanity. If anything, we should be furious at our collective selves … Democrats, Republicans, and Independents … for our complicit silence. We were being entertained. (Did his birtherism movement intensify because of the mocking-shellacking-roasting he took from the president at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?) All his other forms of disrespectful behavior/speech were being wished away awaiting the pivot. What pivot? How do you change the core of an utterly amoral, immoral, self-delusional individual? Since when is the con a measure of success? When did fraud, scamming, cheating become lawful? How dare this poor excuse of a human being address his opponent with the charge of her having hatred in her heart … that she and President Obama are the devil personified, with the stench of sulphur? All the vile accusations he hurls are mirrored in his image. HE is the personification of hate.

    No love, warmth, caring, self awareness emanates from this individual. He does not touch, caress … he mauls. All these character flaws could (I don’t know how) be overlooked, if he brought a life of civic service and altruistic dedication … a modicum of selflessness. But, he never even ran for dog catcher (when interviewed several years ago about running for governor of New York, he responded by saying he didn’t like the process, plus his womanizing record would get in the way!) … and now foot-spur thug wants the presidency, with no experience whatsoever in ANY of the areas that come before the Oval Office. How dare he? Other than pimping his name, Trump has failed at everything, including his personal life. He is a very, very lonely man: Did we really need David Brooks, not a trained psychologist, to tell us?

    Should Hillary Clinton win the election, we can strongly suspect, once again, the strategy by the “loyal?” opposition of making her a failed president from day one. Some patriotism being exercised!!! The desire to drag our country to further weakness and destruction. It would behoove all these “pure” hypocrites to look into the future, with the changing demographics holding them accountable to issues other than the bedroom … with all that implies. Lacking the ability to recognize stewardship of matters that deal with human survival will have dire consequences … for those mothers, sisters, daughters that they claim to care about. It’s not only about gender. The political spectrum needs to work together … educate the citizenry rather than fill them with fear and hate … in order to retain the desired world leadership, morally. Political participation is not a dirty job. It’s needed for the sake of order … not anarchy or totalitarianism. Politics: the art of compromise. It’s not like the private sector is free-from-sin. Wells Fargo … need anything more be said? So much for the “we-need-a-CEO-with-experience” line.

    Should Trump win, would it mean that Mother Nature will have taken matters into her own hands and make us rise from the ashes? What is our country about? I guess we would deserve it then. How sadomasochistic can we be! Why not give Mother Hillary a chance? BTW, attempt at equal comparison between the Orange and the Teacher’s Apple is insulting.

    daedal2207: “By the way the rocket ship to Mars for the world’s power elite isn’t quite ready!”

    What a shame!! I’m ready! For those of us who like to keep the discussion “accessible,” free of platitudes that require an interpreter, I would like to take the liberty of recommending the 1951 flick, “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” Good message in that little sci-fi. Hope the youngins, to whom this blog is aimed, look/google it up.

    P. S. The return of respect would be welcomed.

    1. SB asks the question:

      “Since when is the con a measure of success? When did fraud, scamming, cheating become lawful?”

      Anyone who has read “The Prince” by Machiavelli would know that these ugly methods work when the goal is not that of democratic rule but is that of holding power. Our two candidates are not equivalent in this regard. Trump comes from the private sector and admits to using some of these methods to influence those who have the real power – the politicians who “give” favor to, control “legal” access to, a multitude of financial opportunities. It should be of no surprise that many of the wealthiest zip codes in the nation cluster adjacent to Washington DC. Hillary’s history illustrates the essence of such a politician. Of course, to say that she has “given” favors is likely a legal (fraudulent?) way to deny that she has “sold” favors. But maybe she and Bill, as public servants, actually did EARN their current wealth estimated to be around 200 million dollars. Maybe it is true that foreign interests were so taken with Bill’s oratory skills that they on many occasions gladly offered as much as $500,000 to experience this aesthetic pleasure. (Isn’t it interesting too that his oratory skills improved so dramatically after Hillary became Secretary of State?)
      The Emails that survived her intentional destruction (destroyed AFTER a summons for their release was issued by Congress) indicate that fraud, scamming, and cheating were acceptable to Hillary and also to all those who “worked” within her castle.

      1. Mr. Spencer,
        Sir, would you now like to take time to defend Trump’s pedophilia? By his own admission, he, as pageant owner of the Miss USA & Miss Teen USA pageants, bragged (on audio and video recordings) that he used his ownership to freely enter the dressing rooms of underage teens while they were topless or completely nude and gawked at them. He stated “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.” Underage women, as young as fourteen years old, were shocked by Trump’s viewing of their naked bodies. Four of these ladies (15 & 16 year olds) have come forward and are accusing Trump of this behavior. Many Trump supporters are denying the girl’s claims (the supporters weren’t there) as being solely political in nature. Cosby’s accusers were treated poorly because of the timing of their claims as well.

        Simply possessing nude photos of underage women is a felony crime and cause for labeling as a sexual predator, after adjudication and conviction for said crime. Trump forced his presence upon these naked girls by his own admissions, feeling that it was his right as pageant owner. Since when does ownership grant a license for pedophilia?

        Feel free to offer rebuttal, but try to not use too many types of emotional abuse in doing so; Trump is already doing that for you.

        I do hope that you will not remain a defender of Trump.

        1. Gregory, there are several important issues here that we need to sort through. I have stated a number of times that we are confronted with a choice between two very flawed candidates. Our task is to judge which of the two, when winning the Presidency, has the greatest chance of advancing the human condition. This includes a judgment as to which of the two will do the least damage. A strong case can be made that Hillary is among the most, if not the most corrupt of all those who have sought this most powerful of responsibilities. Even more significant than that, the party she represents is striving (using similarly corrupt methods) to advance a form of governance that centralizes power which is adverse to the foundational principles given us by our founders. That is why knowing the difference between “justice” and “social justice” is so important. That is why we need to know the advantages (and difficulties) of free markets as compared to centralized economies. Included in this judgment process is an understanding of what motivates us to be most productive to the benefit of all. Incentives inspired by a perception of personal responsibility seem to be preferable to incentives inspired by the perception that we are victims of circumstances beyond our control – or worse, inflicted on us by that “other” group.
          Sex is one of the most powerful and consequential of urges. Societies have always devised methods (mores) by which these inclinations are guided to result in more benefit than harm. With new methods for contraception have come new attitudes as to what disciplines are truly necessary and which of them are unnecessarily restrictive of what can now be understood as healthy sexual expression. This is complex. What is less complex is the fact that historically there seems to be little correlation between a leader’s “questionable” sexual proclivities and an ability to make good judgments as to the guidance of government.
          Among the traits to be concerned about – Trump’s sexual transgressions carry less weight than the apparent immaturity and petulance displayed in his responses to accusations. Hillary’s diverse forms of corruption, expanded through the years to include an “army” of protectors, represent more dramatic levels of danger.

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