Into the Breach or Deja Vu One More Time!

Trump uses other people’s money…Trump low balls legitimate debts,Trump lies,Trump cheats,Trump bullies,RMV in his brilliant analysis,asks “where and how can he be stopped?)The empire of the 4th estate must play umpire and cry foul when appropriate.
The dog whistle calling for profiling and appealing to police nationwide as an endangered band of brothers has been accompanied by the questionable shooting death of at least three more males of color.Rioting and mayhem threaten to overwhelm us.Page of Maine wants to fight a duel(against whom is unclear).What does a duel using AR 15s,AK 47s,Glocks or Uzis look and sound like? It was bad enough using black powder and muzzle loaded dueling pistols to be outlawed.Does Trump’s America mean finding out?
RMV tells us that the umpires(media) need to call foul but the Trump diversionary tactic is already underway.THE DEBATE IS RIGGED he bawls.
His consolatory message to black people about Tulsa “what was she thinking” contains his usual misogyny,inviting speculation that women can’t be trusted with lethal force and are inclined to use it due to panic and cognizance of their inferior physical strength.(hear that Hillary?)The alternative that the shooter was a somewhat bigoted,profiling,primed gunsel is not allowed into Trump’s theorizing.
The electoral college system allows him a better chance of victory than one might think.Turn out the vote efforts in key states must succeed.America Beware!



  1. Claude Well done. An. excellent summary of the evils spreading across the country spawned by the Trump in his vicious attempt to push America into apartheid. Keep leading the fight Claude RMV

    1. I can’t claim leadership Bob.I’m mostly a retired clinician and teacher seeking truth through dialogue (across generations and across beliefs).I do believe in evil however and support your view of the Trumpeter and his advisors as just that..If only the biblical ” ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”(Paul among others) could finesse the calculated use of misinformation!

    2. What we believe will excite our feelings. Feelings evoked by false beliefs are likely to be feelings that guide us to the wrong places. I have a lifetime of experiences interacting with conservative believers and their writings. 99.9% of them would consider apartheid anathema to their values. Yes, it is possible that this lifetime of experience somehow missed an interaction with those RMV says we should fear. So, for the sake of my (and the reader’s) enlightenment would RMV please explain the mechanism(s) by which a Republican win could negate so completely the conservative focus on individual liberty and give us instead its very opposite, apartheid?

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