The Structure of Trump’s Wall

It’s time to take a close look at what is going to go into the Wall that the Trumpeter will put around America.It will go down to Hades because coyotes will dig.(the human kind as well)It will go up beyond Mitgaard to Asgard so that the Donald can join Thor and Odin at will.It will be one way bullet proof but permeable to our fire so that the NRA and the gunslingers won’t lose money or practice.It will be coated with Tacos on the Mexican side so that the powerful culture of Mejicanos(his advisor’s language)will stay on the Mexican side and they will pay for the Tacos and thus the wall.It’s massive structure will consist of blocks that are cemented with fear-1/8,ignorance-/1/ 8,gullibility -1/8,racism-1/4,hate-1/8,greed-1/8 and the necessary 1/8 of stupidity.It will contain slots so that Trump’s merchandise can pass freely(White House momentos) but will not be impermeable to nuclear fallout or global warming.It will contain movie slots on both sides where the lashing of Hillary Clinton and the shackling of Barack Obama will be featured.Zapata is shot on our side and Maximillian hanged on the other.It is combined with Happy Hour pricing !!!(If you buy a Trump brew…)


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