The Media and Objectivity

As the opponents in this year’s presidential election get squared away, it’s time to examine the powerful role of the media in swaying public opinion rather than reporting events.Ivanka Trump’s “sold out”merchandising of  her convention introducing of her father dress($138)was only good for a brief stint.Wikileaks “exposure” of the manipulations of the DNC is going on for much longer.The public apparently doesn’t understand that there is nothing new here in the internal  dynamisms of political parties.The squashing of the unquiet Coloradan,(Unruh)Karolyn was swift  and  brutal and probably more “out of order”than the predictable actions against Bernie Sanders by the DNC.The GOP action was in full view of the TV.The “secretive” action of the DNC makes Wikileaks exposure meaningful? And what’s behind the CNN embrace of the “Trump..eter “as the new John the Baptist,except of course there is none greater to come?The “hundreds of millions compensation?” release of Roger Ailes by FOX news with the subject enmeshed in sexual harassment charges, albeit a couple of decades old,(Cosby anyone? )may free Fox News from his politically biased pen…let’s see what they do with their new option…but how long will it be before he is picked up in some  equally egregious capacity by the Trump campaign? Provided that the manifestations of his rumored Parkinsonism permit him to function.


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  1. There is an unconfirmed report that Wikileaks was provided with hacked emails of the DNC by Russian state hackers supplied by Putin in support of Trump…If so …OmiGod!

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