Hail Caesar(Sieg Heil)…Ho Hum


The republican convention clattered to a close last night with the coronation of the Trump…eter in chief.I was prepared for the dog whistles and the red meat oratory, but I was surprised by the strong invocation of the feelings I  had as a child watching( from the old President Theater, which was famous for Molly Picon movies) RKO Pathe films of  Der Fuhrer and Benito Mussolini gesticulating while shouting a language which I couldn’t understand, but the emotional waves of which came through.Alexithymia is not my problem,oh skilled psychological observer,but I am not armored enough not to be afraid or obtuse enough to deny it.The “Family” was put away and the grandiose, swaggering” I’ll take care of it” demagogue came out.Apparently he doesn’t need Congress, he doesn’t need a Judiciary,he doesn’t need local government,he doesn’t need NATO . America (first) doesn’t need allies and globalization is the enemy of America being great again.If sometimes Haughty Hilary can’t get her act together and stop fumbling in her absolutely non charismatic manner,we all will need to see to our spurious second amendment rights.In this scenario police will be fighting one another and a (whose?)military.(Turkey anyone?)



  1. What a marvelous time to be alive! Contrary to the Chinese curse, I believe that we are fortunate to live in interesting times. There is among our “leadership” immense confusion (and conflicting goals), along with huge life and death consequences for getting “it” right or wrong. With our vote we have the great honor of responsibility – attention is focused to the importance of making accurate judgments. We need to ask if the needed objective clues are clarified, or obscured by our feelings. What did Trump really say and what did one’s feelings say that he said? Are false ideas lurking between the lines? Are you with “dog whistle” sensitivities to realities or are they presenting false beliefs? Democrat feelings are surprised and confused by the fact that the Republicans actually applauded the opinions and the inclusion of an openly gay speaker. Those who actually know many Republicans were not surprised at all. Maybe Trump didn’t say “we don’t need NATO”. It is possible that Trump was saying that we need a more responsible NATO, and he will provide cause for it to improve. Trump is said by many leftist leaning commentators that he presented a “dark” picture of our country. But, isn’t it “dark” to proselytize a belief that our country strives to confiscate the wealth of other countries, is racist, sexist, Islamophobic, intolerant, and about to be inundated by rising sea levels?

    There is what we feel, and then there is reality. The two are often at odds. For the sake of an objectively best future we had better learn how to question and train our feelings to serve and not hinder the methods whereby we separate the objective from the subjective.

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