“A Well Meaning Oaf”

HW(http://www.pitcherinthewry@blogpost.com)characterized Donald Trump as above and I agreed with him.What of course, I didn’t consider was the effect that the “mirror on the wall” often has on people who are somewhat narcissistic and aggressive.It would appear that “the fairest of them all ” pronouncement can become oracular and isolating .The same appears to have happened to Sanders.Omniscence and unwillingness to compromise appear to follow.There is a good psychosocial analysis of Trump in a recent Atlantic,done before he   became a presidential candidate and so not violating any guild mandates.HW was not wrong.The major problem for America is that the angry and intolerant groups that are gathering to object to the status quo will persist long after the elections and will make outrageous happenings more likely and dangerous.It can happen here(KrystalNacht)!



    1. The confrontation between the Oaf and a piece of the mirror(the NRA)should demonstrate how much well meaning survives! It is doubtful that the NRA will give Trump the no fly list and under surveillance proscriptions on gun ownership.A truly skilled politician would have avoided the confrontation

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