The Pope & Concsience: What happens if we don’t read encyclicals.

A very good man spoke to our congress yesterday,He happens to be the Bishop of Rome.He was not interpreting the word of God ex cathedra.He’s not allowed to.But he said some really interesting things about greed,waste, climate change and succor to the poor.(Not suckering the poor, prime mortgage lenders, succoring them!)He condemned a throw away culture and probably didn’t know that he was echoing psychoanalytic(Freudian) object relations theory.If you waste things it makes it easy to waste people.He asked us to save our planet for it is God’s gift.Three conservative supreme court justices refused to attend (Alito,Scalia and Thomas).Boehner bawled and resigned today,claiming that the pope had nothing to do with it.Cruz says that the Pope should stick to church matters,refused to attend, and  is still  working to close down the government over the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood.Pippa may still be passing but Browning would have trouble convincing anyone but the pope that “God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world.”



  1. Back in Sep/Oct 2015, daedal2207 posted “The Pope & Conscience: What happens if we don’t read encyclicals,” referencing Pope Francis’ visit to the U. S. At that time, disappointment was expressed that the pope had met with Kim Davis, and, if I may quote my own post where I had concurred with JG’s comments, I stated ““Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark” … in this case, the Vatican. JG and I share the same skepticism. Astute? Not particularly when this pope has opted for an image of spontaneity. SOMEONE DID NOT SERVE HIM WELL and/or the pope is not as informed as he claims to be.”

    It appears that “someone,” indeed, did not serve the pope well per the latest announcement: the pope is “accepting” the resignation of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the Vatican’s ambassador to the U. S.(, appointing a humanist to serve as the papal nuncio to the U. S.

    Not a good idea to blindside your boss! The cause of the ousting/cleansing … which had started with the stepping down of Benedict XVI … was “flagged” in the NYTimes article: It took 6 months, but better late than never.

    The power struggle and realignment are not only occurring in the U. S. It’s a cycle that is finding universality. There’s much to expect in the evolving Pope Francis. As daedal2207 said: “He is certainly not the conservative who was appointed in the 70s. He has developed and grown as a humanist. Perhaps … his “pray for me” may contain an element of apology. …” Pray on, your holiness! As they say in serials … To Be Continued.

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  3. I read your posts! I have responded to you twice … once, last night … the other, this morning. Here it goes again.

    Professor Thomas … you keep me on my toes. I welcome that. Agreeing with your assessment of the man in question … Pope Francis … it is difficult to not come under his spell. “No” to greed, waste … the abuse of money through orgy-like behavior … “yes” to help for the planet in acknowledgement of climate change and succor for the poor as also nature’s children. When The College of Cardinals elected Cardinal Bergoglio to be the next pope, and having been born in Argentina, I was asked if I did not have a tremendous sense of pride. My response was “no.” Cardinal Bergoglio had been around during the Dirty War’s reign of terror ( … considered to be one of the darkest chapters in Argentina’s history (of course, compared to which others?). Once again, I get the obligatory query of assumed pride. The response still is “No, I don’t.” Not any more than having shame because of Peron having been an Argentine (heaven only knows that Trump and Peron have a lot in common!). The pope is a product of immigrant parents … my being a product of immigrant grandparents … not a specific racial group. I’m cautiously proud of him as an advocate of and for humanity … regardless of nationality. Is he now doing penance in the style of his beliefs? Does his appeal to “pray for me” have a deeper urgency … much as his question “who am I to judge”? Humility is certainly preferable to arrogance. I can also display certain contempt for the bar of the Catholic Church having been soooo low that he appears to be a rarity … exceptional … for a religion who, the unwilling founder (read “Zealot”), would not even recognize as following his teachings. To the extent that I question the big hoopla, my reticence to be totally mesmerized by masterful diversionary techniques are more incisively stated in the below column:

    None of us are perfect. What a cliche! Everyone has skeletons in their closets … daemons to contend with. I don’t believe in canonization. My comments are not intended to offend (if I have, I sincerely apologize) … rather, to be all-inclusive … of all of us who attempt to follow the Golden Rule!

    P. S. That Justices Roberts, Thomas and Alito were not present for the pope’s speech to Congress is indicative of the lack of social graces in our “national character.” I’d like to think that their mothers taught them better.

    1. Well said.He is certainly not the conservative who was appointed in the 70s.He has developed and grown as a humanist.Perhaps you are right in that his “pray for me” may contain an element of apology.As a not very religious non catholic who remembers Pious XII and admired John XXIII ,I’ll take it.

      1. Ah, once again, misplaced trust. Another example of exploitive distortion.

        Ms. Davis was not being deprived of religious freedom. President Kennedy had to go through all kinds of pledges about the constitutional requirement of church and state separation. As a Catholic, he was not going to answer to the church in his presidential duties. If Ms. Davis had a conflict of interest, she was free to resign from her duties. Church does not supersede State. Unfortunately, Pope Francis took a critical misstep on this matter as surely there were scores of people with real, special needs for spiritual comfort who did not have the political influence. No wonder it was kept secret until he skipped town! For shame.

        1. This is a shameful misstep but also it may be a politically calculated move designed to curry favor with the people alienated by the Pope’s positions on climate change, absolution for women who have had abortions, society’s responsibility to the poor and more?

          What does this have to do with a man who purportedly did not meet with victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by church officials until very late in his career and when he was in a very high office? Perhaps it is nothing, an unrelated detail. But it may be a pattern. It may be evidence of a politically astute person who is moving in such a way to maximize his and the church’s impact?

        2. “Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark” … in this case, the Vatican. JG and I share the same skepticism. Astute? Not particularly when this pope has opted for an image of spontaneity. Someone did not serve him well and/or the pope is not as informed as he claims to be. With all the publicity/photo opportunities fully accessed (hardly any privacy, if you will), not to take P. R. advantage of a “conscientious objection” support requires the credulity of Virginia (“Yes, Virginia … there is a Santa Claus”). The spin is insulting … especially to those with real issues such as they who were traumatized by the sexual abuse perpetrated by the clergy. The clandestine manner of this faux pas has emphasized the adage … “Proceed at your own peril” … a mistrust evaluation stated by practicing Catholics in my circle. Sadly, the Vatican reminded us of their pressing agenda … as you stated, “… to maximize his and the church’s impact?” Just another political entity in the world stage. Nothing more, nothing less.

          P. S. Agreeing with Professor Thomas’ statement … “It’s the existentialist dilemma and ‘faith’ can be a cop out.”

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    The justices are all catholic.Many of those refusing to attend and considering their demurral to be of significance were catholic.
    On the west coast we’re getting a new sense of the abuse of money through the actions of some very rich Saudis termed sheiks.The behavior ranged from speeding million dollar cars through residential areas to sexual battery and enslavement. Flying out of the country on a special jet was only available to one who claimed he had diplomatic immunity.

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