More Lessons From The Pariahs

Our speculation that Sgt.Bergdahl was caught between a parentally imbued ideology and the ideology of the gun, turns out to be accurate, although the detailed thought process is disputed.A reissue of Ken Burn’s magnificent “The American Civil War”indicates that John Brown was a thrice failed entrepreneur who invoked spiritual kinship with divinity.The Colbert interview with Donald Trump and Trump’s acknowledgement that the quote “the real strong have no need to prove it to the phonies” might have come from him was a powerful”gotcha” when Manson proved to be the author.

I have one more pariah to  add to the list(I will not add Bobby Fisher,his genius is as little understood as his antisemitism and anti-Americanism)that person is George Baker who went from false god status during the 30s and proprietor of the “Kingdom”under the 155th st. bridge in the Bronx  to being identified as a valid civil rights activist during the 60s.A black man who used identification with divinity to scam poor people, especially black,into giving up possessions and adopting kingdom names and loyalties and who aided by the great depression  cut a swathe through unemployed black males and females while marrying two, one after the other, blonde, liberal,not poor but naive Canadian women.I do not believe that a scoundrel such as he could have accrued honorable civil rights credentials.


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