Starbucks Sally Two or Silly Too ?

Starbucks management is still trying. The latest offering is full tuition coverage for a degree at Arizona State College(On Line).Voices on the left are already sounding off about the loss of the two cents/hr potential pay increase for the affected workers or about the offering being insufficient.Voices on the right are sounding off about the loss of autonomy and a federal plot(particularly if “Obama money” is anywhere involved.Management experts are talking about the loss of characteristic behavior and financial experts are calling it a drop in the bucket and nowhere and in no way involving the bottom line.In view of the need to change the business as usual money first and last orientation so prevalent today,let’s hear it for Starbucks!!

Disoursing with Pariahs.This time Jim Jones.
A few of us are involved in reexamination of material graciously contributed by Angela Sukhdeo the widow of the late Dr Hardat Sukhdeo who was the first psychiatrist on the scene of the Jonestown disaster.Dr sukhdeo arrived in Jonestown with corpses still laying about and began interviewing survivors and first responders. He was constrained by the Guyanese government(who invited him because of his Guyanese origin) and by the FBI, looking for communist conspiracy evidence.Those constraints prevented him from sharing his results with colleagues and probably contributed to his early disability and retirement.So far I have found only the grandiosity, personal charm and exploitative self centeredness (probably indicative of psychopathy)that HS found. The mass loyalty with few exceptions is also characteristic of such movements and clues us to the ability of nefarious causes to sway those who lack a playable card of identity within a culture, to questionable and often evil designs.In such a retrospective light Isis’ success is no mystery.

Unfortunately but predictably, there has been yet another unjustifiable police shooting of a black male(South Carolina).This time the evidence is such as to warrant arrest and charging,but the covert function of police power to maintain the status quo remains murky and not readily in evidence.


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