Discoursing with pariahs

What can pariahs tell us directly or symbolically ?

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As the two month period of Black History and Women’s History comes to an end, we find, disturbingly( paraphrasing Mark Twain) that the human race continues to be run and lost.Suicidal/homicidal pilot mayhem continues.( I suspect the mysterious plane loss over Thailand of a year ago was of the same ilk).We hear of the absurdity of a gentlemans’s agreement mechanism of self reporting mental and physical disability by Lufthansa pilots and the even more absurd reasoning that the measurements of psychiatrists and psychologists lack the specificity of the metrics of classical medicine and are therefore not to be reported! Maybe the worst of all this is that lives have different values depending on the country of origin.( for insurance purposes and purposes of liability!)
The name Lubitz will undoubtedly join the world listing of pariahs.It may be time to see what pariahs have to tell us.It is the Easter season…

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  1. True,indeed, that Psychiatrists and Psychologists have as not (if ever) developed the accuracy of some laboratory tests used in classical medical practice. But it’s the best we have and if we could apprehend even one suicidal individual in high places (Not only Planes…but in Government) it might be worthwhile.
    While some suicides seem to come from nowhere….most of the time there is some trail of subtle warnings.
    Let’s use what we have ..and work like hell to refine our screening techniques.

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