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Covid, the young and the restless.



  1. Daedal2207: as usual, a thought-provoking entry which lends itself to a widen the scope. Your followers thank you.

    George Orwell: visionary or clear acumen of human existence. 1984.

    “While citizens in each state are trained to despise the ideologies of the other two as uncivilised and barbarous, Goldstein’s book explains that in fact the superstates’ ideologies are practically identical and that the public’s ignorance of this fact is imperative so that they might continue believing otherwise.”

    Greed is part of our component. To be informed takes too much time away from … “Dancing With The Stars,” NFL, MLB, etc. We keep rolling the dice on healthcare … it’s not as sexy/lascivious as gossip: “The opiate of the masses.” As a diabetic with coronary artery disease (all in the genes), one becomes keenly aware of collective interest/need. There are soooo many health issues in which our evolving knowledge towards the help of our species should not be driven by greed. However, is that the price to pay for development. Anti-Semite Henry Ford brought us ease of the road and further exposure. Nothing comes for free. The challenge is the boundaries/guard rails.

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