25 July, 2022 10:23




  1. Thank you, daedal2207, for giving me voice.

    ”… but if we wanted a younger more vigorous leader, why didn’t we elect one? Why was the option between a septugenarian autocrat with imperial aspirations …”
    Laziness and abdication. These are the consequences of civic ignorance, lack of communal responsibility, and mutual respect … the topsy-turvy world of individualism while exercising individual choice is outlawed. Yes, we’re free to kill each other with the obscene, unfettered ability to own any number of WMD, thus the protection of human life is an industrial farce. There are professional callings that now bring fear … to healthcare givers, teachers, journalists, civic workers … to name a few. Will the wake-up/come to action call be heeded when “they come for us”? Not enough suffering yet? Apathy. While this is a global malady, we’re not providing exceptional guidance … not executively, legislatively, nor legally. Politicians don’t mentor, they hang on to power (Grassley? Feinstein?). Greed is all consuming, detrimental to our climate (Manchin?). And the last bastion of protection … SCOTUS. As Al Jolson would say … “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

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