18 May, 2022 14:55




  1. We should “hate” that which is false and destructive. To “hate” that which saves live must be called dysfunctional. “Big Lies” are hateful, but what if that being called a big lie is actually the truth? That then becomes the big lie. What if one actually thinks the big lie is the truth?
    A scientific mind finds this conflict interesting. A righteous mind will hate it. A scientific mind will look at the evidence, that which is measurable and logically explored. The Trump years expanded the U.S. economy, thus benefitting all levels of income, made us an exporter of oil, stimulated NATO to contribute as promised, retained communications with leaders of competing countries yet clarified U.S. interests, and among many positive actions managed to fast track the development of a vaccine that probably saved thousands of lives. The original idea of America as an effort to provide an equality of individual rights was clarified against a force trying to divide us by groups, Marxist style.
    So. the scientific mind goes with the evidence. The advocate finds other ways to see life.

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