5 March, 2021 13:34




  1. Is age a problem, or a miracle? Apparently, it is both. I am sorry to hear that playing the violin has become a diminishing or impossible source of pleasure. To know loss is a problem. Finding and engaging with those options that reward living become more difficult. Perhaps that challenge itself can be a healthy distraction but meaning in life is as important as food – somehow it needs to be continuously ingested for life-growth to continue. Ideas and their impact on our children’s world remain something that never seems to lack such nutrient value. Your description of our political parties being “Over idealistic and under idealistic” provides a marvelous mental task to enjoy. What indeed, is the exact fulcrum and how can it be described? And how fleeting is it as contexts continuously change? What in the nature of the problem never changes, or varies so little it has no meaning for life’s purposes? Does human nature really change? Perhaps that is the constant around which our other judgments can make best sense.
    In the meantime, step out into the sunshine, look out over the Pacific, and take in the air’s freshness. It may have traveled many ocean miles to arrive at the exact point where you are living. That is the miracle part.

    1. Yes,when there is no smell of smoke and pollens are low the view and ambience are great!

      When there is no smell of smoke and pollen is low one can dispense with the masks for awhile.About fifteen minutes seems to be it.It is also hard to ignore the possibility that some covid variant is blowing in the wind.But this too will pass.Thanks for the kind thoughts.


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