Covid-19 Pandemic Mismanagement’s Connection To Capitol Invasion



  1. daedal2207, well, when the drunk with power make Faustian deals, satanic results are to be expected. There’s an unusual silence in the blog. The irresponsible 4-year old-experiment has left us … not shocked … but speechless in our sadness of its consequences. How much more applicable is the “scientific method” needed to prove the “measurable events”? The denouement is no surprise. Oh, Cassandra, we surely relate! Individualism, especially emphasized by the ability to accept responsibility, is a worthy characteristic … the individualistic first-responder or caregiver. But, individualism is most successful when joined in community. We are our brothers’ keepers.

    1. Painfully true Susanna. The brotherhood and sisterhood of man is not a transactional issue.ITS TRANSLATION TO THAT RESULTED IN THE TRUMPIAN DISGRACE.We are not superior to those who have followed this road to ruin in the history of man.The difference may only be in the time we have left.

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