Covid-19 is Raging While POTUS (MOM) Tells Us We’re Around the Bend



  1. It should not be a surprise that with little immunity a virus would spread. As more young and otherwise healthy experience the disease and, thanks to Trump, with a quick access to a vaccine, we will be (with the least shutdown and Covid-19 loss of life) viewing this scourge in the rear view mirror.

    Given that an election is upon us, I think that the following may provide some insight as to a key difference between the Political Parties:

    To All
    I have attempted to sum up the essence of this issue. I think that most data points are solid. I realize that this analysis relies mostly on logical relationships. If the data is accurate, and the logic sound, this effort should be of help in understanding what is a major force driving our behavior – for good and for ill.

    Race when considered not to be important:

    Keep in mind, “race” as used here relates to traits like skin pigmentation and a few predispositions to health issues. This is inborn and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. It is not to be equated with cultural values, functional or dysfunctional, that may be held by any group, and something can be done about it.

    “Race” in law is avoided when race is not considered important.

    There is nothing in our original Constitution that made race important. However, it did provide a range of liberty that allowed some citizens to cultivate beliefs that made race important. Because the Constitution and State’s rights gave citizens a freedom to join in associations to their liking, many social divisions developed along racial lines. Along came the 1950’s and 60’s. Some States had created State laws that reflected associations which had made race important, and individuals who were identified with some races were not allowed equal treatment. Federal Laws specifically against unequal treatment were then created to counter these racist social trends. Because any law that is against an unequal-treatment-because-of-one’s-race must, to some degree, make race important, we have a conundrum. For the Country to become truly color blind, we need to delete those laws that consider race to be important. But there are interest and power groups that thrive on the idea that race is important. All the emotional meanings of “Social Justice” require that we divide society into groups. It then gives many (indeed, the entire Democrat Party) a cause celeb by becoming “Social Warriors” marching for group justice. Democrats drum up support by convincing blacks that they are this group’s protectors, and they say, Republicans “want to put you in chains”.

    When we make race important, we consider racial groups to be important. When groups are important, they are compared. Though many do not realize it, a focus on “group justice” compromises the importance of “individual rights”. This describes a most important difference between today’s Democrat and Republican.

    Once minds have shifted away from individual rights into “group think”, we see that it is statistically true that some racial groups are more “successful” than others. Why? If it is true that each group starts out equal in all ways, in a “fair” world, they should be equally successful in all ways. Given the evidence that racial groups are not equally “successful”, what might be some of the reasons?

    Given that “group” is not distinguishable unless different, most likely, in some ways, they do not start out equal.

    Maybe the Country’s, or State laws have favored, or currently favor some groups.

    Perhaps more successful groups socially hold others back by not allowing equal opportunities.

    Perhaps some groups contain more individuals who share dysfunctional beliefs, bad attitudes about life.

    Perhaps some racial groups on average are genetically predisposed to have lesser, or greater, skill sets, and aptitudes than others.

    Perhaps there are fashions of interest that differ, and these cause disparate results.

    Perhaps (and most likely) the answer is “All of these”. But each to what degree?

    But perhaps most interesting, when we truly see race as being something that is unimportant, when we see that individual rights, independent of race are important, we then understand that all race-linked meanings are built on a dysfunctional fiction. Aside from the fact that it is a serious illness of the (collective) mind, other than a few race-linked medical issues, “race” is meaningless.

    Until corrected, we continue to suffer, and limit ourselves with this form of mental sickness.

    1. The capacity to deny reality and the substitution of false science for real science is appalling and characteristic of the cult follower.The dismissal of race as a scientific concept is at odds with its use for prior assertion of superiority .Originalism is nonsense and destructive of attempts to deal with climate change and the destructiveness of viruses and bacteria whose ability to replicate transcends our concept of time. There’s a moral discourse occurring in which our president is identifiable as a liar a cheat or misogynist and an individual who has only intended to use office to enhance his own financial and personal interest the inability to see that is a manifestation of the cult mentality previously alluded to.

      1. I agree totally with Daedal2207’s first sentence, but as a way to describe the Leftist mind. And who is “dismissing race as a scientific concept”? I mentioned that associated with “race” there are predispositions to some diseases. For anything else that separates us relative to what it means to be human, I, and I would hope all of us, would like to see evidence instead of feelings.
        As for all the lies attempting to “brand” Trump as something that he is not, (and Biden likely is), we have now nearly four years of patterns. Objective-thinking minds will see these patterns. Here is an example:
        A laptop has surfaced that belonged to Hunter Biden. In it are many forms of objective evidence showing that Biden family members, including Joe, were involved in selling influence. Many forms of cross-checking show that there is no doubt that the computer data is authentic. Tucker Carlson, on FOX News, for a full hour, interviewed Tony Bobulinski. He was enjoined by the Biden’s to help them organize business efforts to sell Joe’s influence to foreign interests (China). Bobulinski has been slandered by both Democrat Politicians and the general press. To clear his name and to advance the the truth, he is revealing with detailed records Joe’s participation in these activities. Many “News sources” and social media are burying this fact. Joe’s dishonesty is dramatically important. The burying of this story is bigger. The four-year pattern is that of an extremely biased media, and thus a four-year use of false premises and false conclusions.

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