Viral Vituperation in the Great Debate



  1. About the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

    Amy Coney Barrett and what the Hearings have clarified:

    The Democrats want a Supreme Court that will create laws that Congress, because it represents the will of the people, would not. Democrats need a government to have sufficient power to lawfully social engineer those changes needed to force our Country to conform to its ideals of group equity. This they call “social justice”. Democrats need this Court to be another tool to serve their politics. Republicans want the Supreme Court to be as originally intended. That is, a stable base to keep our laws honest to the peoples’ intent. Amy Coney Barrett’s philosophy is exactly what the founders intended. Her philosophy is a major obstacle in the path that advances the core agenda of today’s Democrat.

    This explains why we have so much political contention about a fundamental duty of a branch of power, a branch that is supposed to be apolitical. This also explains why it is the Democrats who are so upset by the likes of Amy Coney Barrett.

    Freedom of speech, and freedom of religion are among the most important of our rights. There was a time when every “American” would “fight to the death for your right to disagree” – for your right to hate or love for your own reasons. This included a right to join, for both stupid and brilliant reasons, any group. As Regards their ideas about what they would allow you to like and hate, the Democrats are righteously dangerous. Deviate, and they will “cancel” you. So righteous are they that they will ignore due process, indeed, they violate it (Kavanaugh) in order to protect their fastest route to making new law. They need five of nine Supreme Court Justices willing to reinterpret existing law.

    Biden and Harris will not tell you if, when given power, they will or will not “pack the Court”. After Barrett takes her seat on the Court, seven “Living Constitution Judges” out of 13, will be enough to give them what they want. Their goal is to fundamentally transform our United States into a system of values that you must serve instead of the original system that served you.

    This is serious business, but the revealing of a Hunter Biden laptop and its contents moves us into a special level of serious. Yes, its contents reveal a Joe Biden that is not the image projected by him and his supporters, the willingness of major media, Facebook, and Twitter, to openly deny coverage to such an important find explodes into myriad directions of meaning! We will be talking about this for some time!

  2. Tony Soprano would applaud the magnitude of MOM’s thuggery,but would be appalled by the planning and execution.Maybe America is figuring it out by using the covid management yardstick.

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