Now Hear This Covid-19 is a National Emergency in a Global Context – USPHS Front and Center!



  1. The 18 interviews with Bob Woodward show that Trump is, and is willing to be among the most transparent of Presidents – EVER.

    The real story is the ease and manner with which the Democrats are demonizing what were rational judgments that balanced lifesaving, life-costing risks. Dissembling reality in order to manipulate a gullible public is a well-practiced habit, and today they are pulling out all stops. Immense levels of self-righteousness allow them to subdue guilt and embrace methods otherwise considered evil. After all, as one of their early heroes said, “You have to break eggs in order to make an omelet.”

    But going to sources other than Leftist reveals data that puts the lie to their ongoing blasts of propaganda. For instance, we can know that Trump’s life-saving travel restrictions on China, last day of January, was followed by Joe Biden’s February 1 tweet accusing him of xenophobia. We know that Pelosi was urging her San Francisco citizens to visit Chinatown. We know that through multiple and transparent press exchanges, Dr. Fauci relates today that, no matter Trump’s concerns about “panic”, the information provided to the public was objective. Omitted from the Democrat’s view are the amazing speeds with which Trump skills enlisted private industry to produce the resources needed to fight this epidemic, the hospital ships provided, and the new hospitals built in record time. In New York, a hospital ship, and many hospitals were mostly unused, as Gov. Cuomo favored returning the sick to rest homes that quickly became death homes.

    Smart brains see through Democrat corruptions of truth. Trump has a trail of achievements that put the lie to stories intended to brand him as incompetent and mean. The data is available. We can now see clearly who they are, those who are willing to break eggs to feed egos. Those contriving to build their utopias while using your resources.

    1. The twists and turns of the cult follower exceed Proteus’ best.the trail of death and destruction in order to avoid panic makes sense only to the devoted blind.The next 2 to 3 weeks should demonstrate the folly of politicizing masks,social distancing and returning children to school regardless of surroundings.Encouraging collegiate football is also likely to add to the Nation’s sorrow.

      The twists and turns of the faithful cult follower put Proteus to shame..Lying to avoid panic is of the same order as politicizing masks and social distancing.The next few weeks should show the grim effect that this and returning school children to class regardless of guidelines and encouraging collegiate football regardless of safeguards has on Covid spread..

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