Convention Time, Covid-19 Time, USPS Dismantling Time



  1. The Postal system will continue to deliver mail. On time? That remains a question, but to the degree that we do not need to know who the winner is, “what difference at this time does it make?”
    Of course, the Postal Service could be perfect, but what about getting ALL the ballots to the Post Office? At the polling places there are rules about not engaging in political debate within so many feet. How is that undue influence going to be controlled if we all vote by mail? Given the ease with which Democrats have ignored due process and have attempted impeachment without real evidence, why should anyone trust them to be honest as they “harvest” ballots from innumerable sources, select those ballots that serve the interests of the left and discard all others? Of course, that makes the job of delivering less mail that much easier. It also makes an apparent “win” that much easier.
    We have seen these methods used in third world countries. That is the direction of “change” fostered by today’s Democrat.

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