“What Have You Got to Lose” Answer Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness




  1. It is amazing that Daedal2207 has so much certitude about possessing knowledge that no one else can verify. Jared Kushner is, according to him, so evil that he goes out of his way to “halt planning” in order to kill Democrats. But wait! Covid-19 “planning” was not halted. In fact, incredible productions of equipment flooded into the North East, including medical ships outfitted to serve Covid-19 patients. They went unused because Democrat Governor Cuomo decided to return rest-home patients back to infect other compromised elders instead of transporting them to available facilities where they would have been isolated. In spite of what Daedal2207 wants to believe, Covid-19 planning has been so efficient that in record time we are likely to have a vaccine. It took someone with amazing business acumen to orchestrate such complexities. Someone like Donald Trump. But accepting that possibility cannot fit the patterns of Daedal2207’s mindset, so apparently for him such a thing cannot exist.

    A dictionary definition of “racist” would be anyone who thinks that skin pigmentation alone is proof that any individual, or group, possesses any good, or bad, trait. This describes exactly the racist beliefs of the vast majority of Democrats today. It is the Republicans who wish to maintain original intent where what makes us all equal is the ideal of each individual being treated equally under the law, no matter ALL other disparities. This also describes the importance of keeping the real racists, the Democrats, from obtaining power at any level of government.

    Exactly the opposite of that claimed by Mary Trump and Daedal2207, the Supreme Court Justices that Trump has selected, as well as fought hard for against extremes of Democrat resistance, would stop any effort by any President to become a “permanent Emperor”. This selection of original intent Justices is another fundamental reason to vote for Trump.

    Covid-19 is a scourge that all Americans want to put behind us with the least loss of life. But wait! It appears that the Democrats are at ease sacrificing innumerable lives in order to hurt Trump’s chances at the next election. No matter U.S. lives lost because of the shutdown, but also the greater number of lives elsewhere who depend on our economy being strong, Democrats are doing what they can to keep schools closed, and the economy crippled.

    What have you got to lose? Yes, this is an extremely important election. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is under deadly assault by a totalitarian effort orchestrated by those who have been ignited to righteous fervor by an old-fashioned, utopian, socialist religion.

    1. Unbelievable!! Incredible projection; ,DS might be intoning the gladiatorial ‘ Hail Caesar ! We who are are about to die salute you!

      1. Colorful, but not helpful.
        I have presented a number of measurable events. Either the measurements are true or they are false. If true, we need to understand that many of Daedal2207’s opinions are not true. I am making the assumption that the readers and contributors to this blog understand that there is an objective truth and are interested in its being clarified. So, no matter the drama of Caesar and Gladiatorial events, the weapons available to us are mainly those of good, well reasoned, argument. Why would Daedal2207 choose to enter the arena disarmed.

        1. The weapons available to us are reliable information sources and our ability to reason.DS has yet to figure out that Fox news is a captive ,controlled and unreliable source.To the rest of the free press including the Wall Street Journal he applies MOM’ s( aka POTUS) ” fake news”.He thus remains a victim of his and his leader’s fears and prejudices.

    1. Interestingly, criticisms written here about FOX accurately describe those sources important to Daedal2207.

      Conflicting dramatically with major media opinions and their undisguised innuendos, it has been amazing how reliable the reporters on FOX have been regarding FBI infractions, accusations of collusion, lack of due process, particularly as regards Kavanaugh, FISA abuse, lack of due process regarding a phone call with the Ukraine President, the status of the economy, Covid-19 vaccines, etc.

      The play of time is revealing the truth of things. For those aware of probable truths, it is not going well for those who have been pushing leftist agendas.

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