Ameliorative Wishful Thinking



  1. I must admit that I have seen so much that is not true printed in the “free press” that I have left that labyrinth for others to navigate. That so many could pursue for so many years beliefs that repeatedly failed to meet the most basic of empirical support is truly fascinating, but it goes on and on. So, I try to catch the actual event and then judge its truth or not, instead of allowing “reporters” to give me their impression. Donald Trump has actually pursued and achieved success in many worthy efforts. But it is true that my criteria has to do with what actually works to advance the human cause here in this U.S.A. whereas, it appears that Daedal2207’s criteria has more to do with what he believes is most “moral”. And “moral” tends to be related to “social justice” instead of an equal rights under the law for each individual citizen.

    This has been a repeating theme throughout this blog’s life.

  2. I would like to see specific examples of the current administration “attacking” infectious disease specialists. I have not seen this ugly form of behavior on the part of Trump or his team. We have an unusual virus here and its nature is taking a while to clarify. At the moment, it appears that a large segment of the population, even when exposed, is hardly affected. Many have no symptoms. That would be those up to the age of 35. Even up to the age of 55, the mortality rate is not something more fearful than the flu we have lived with for generations.

    Given the growing clarity about such a large number of citizens who are relatively safe, with this virus it is likely to save lives if we encourage the young to go back to work, be exposed, while protecting the vulnerable, thereby more quickly moving us to the probable advantages of a herd immunity. This early engagement by the relatively young will also reduce deaths related to our having more quickly revived a crippled economy.

    When a vaccine is developed, should it still be needed, because more have already been “inoculated” by the disease itself, those needing its preventative nature will be a fewer number.

    1. MOM’s declarations are so outrageous that the head of the FDA is forced to disavow claims of non-infectious carriers and impervious youth.If DS read the free press and had another source outside of FOX news,he would see the evidence of the attacks and censoring.He might even be able to recognize his prognostic declarations as unqualified speculation and false punditry.

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