Equivalence in Iranian Response to General's killing.

We are in for protracted trouble around the world.Immediacy would point to something like the Dakar motorbike race in Saudi Arabia as a likely target.Unifying rage among Muslims,Sufis, the not inconsiderable remnants of Isis , angry Iranians etc.would make the Playboy aspect of oil rich Saudi Arabia with huge residuals of the murder of a Turkish journalist overhanging an opportunity for revenge tasted lukewarm.Rumor has it that MOM was having a milkshake when Soleimani was killed.It is also rumored that the Pentagon was surprised and upset by the POTUS option selection.If so why was it presented?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the good guy with a gun in Texas may be part of a group response to a known nuisance and the organization of the group safety patrol may have been specifically due to the dead gunman,’s demand for money as well as food.Conspiracy to commit murder now has to be ruled out.


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