Tinker, Taylor,Sondoland,Spy

The wheels may finally be off on the Jokers cart..The Trumpian lie machine has come up against a warrior and a patriot in Bill Taylor who is hard to discredit..In Vernon Sondoland we have a man who bought an ambassadorship and lied about the quid pro quo blackmailing of the Ukrainian President.John Le Carre would have at least made it suspenseful. Now we can watch craven Republican senators rally behind Lindsey Graham to come up with a plan to salvage a corrupt Presidency.



  1. Continuing the violations of legal fairness employed in the Kavanaugh hearings, we now see an “impeachment” that isn’t. For it to be an honest search for truth, the Democrats would honor century tested methods. If real, there would be a full vote of the House, the President’s defense could call, and cross examine witnesses (such as Taylor). We would have transparency, thereby increasing the likelihood that our citizens will better understand the realities. But, instead of prioritizing truth, it is a press-expanded charade corruptively designed to allow desperate Leftists to leak that which supports, and obscure what doesn’t. Information is controlled such that only their distortions and negative out-of-context quotes about Trump are spread to the people. The hope is apparently to smear Trump sufficiently to sway those who are ignorant; or placate those who care not at all about justice.

      1. Apparently the “book” Pelosi is waving before our eyes is a new level of charade. It is different from that historically used. If early reports are accurate, it omits allowing the President’s council from having input in the early stages, and it gives Schiff the power to decide if, how, and when Republicans can have access to witnesses. The root of the problem for our citizens is that of fairness and transparency. The root of the problem for Pelosi and the Democrats is that of preventing the public from seeing evidence that demonstrates not only the absence of a crime, but shows duty obligations that explain Trump’s actions.
        It is fascinating to watch. The “dots” not only are often ephemeral, but they can be connected in myriad ways – often to bias the results to suit one’s wishful beliefs. Is it true that this new plan would allow Schiff to control access to witnesses, or the calling of witnesses?

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