Redux:Knifings embrace pittsburgh

The violence epidemic rolls on in Pittsburgh with the knife killing of two and the wounding of others following close upon the Orange County machete killings.It seems that we are being told that he epidemic is one of violence and hatred with domestic violence intertwining with domestic terror and crime.Perhaps it is fitting that this is close to the anniversary of the Manson killings.The originator of the Helter Skelter scenario wherein he would emerge as the savior of the white “Race” died in prison in 2017 but it appears that the script survives with MOM playing the principal part.It is a most dangerous time for America and the leadership role that it has had in world affairs since WW11. Attention to gun violence is only a starting point where failure to enact effective gun laws at the Federal level would guarantee that the rest of the violence chain will proliferate.What a pot pourri for foreign powers to dip into !


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