Troops to the Border: Just in time for the mid term election>

Up to 15,000 troops may be deployed to the”Mexican border to stop a “ragtag” caravan of desperate unarmed people who are running for their lives and seeking U.S.sanctuary.This is more of the politically motivated rabidity that is being employed  by the Merchant of Malice.Who in his or her right mind can possibly believe that this is truly an invasion or that firing to kill should be the appropriate response should anyone in the group that makes the border(truthfully assessed to be no more than 1400 out of an initial 7000, shrunk now to 4500throw a stone.
The lack of honesty and the callousness of MOM and his supporters in government( ,mostly Republicans ,is astounding.

The lies about health care support(most Republicans have repeatedly voted to fully repeal Obamacare with its key provision around pre-existing conditions.)The party pledge appears to have been taken twice’ so that one of the positions being taken now by many candidates for office is a lie.
In the meantime Republican efforts to hold down registration for voting among minorities and young voters continue.The American Public Health Association President and the main speaker for the N.Y.Academy of Medicine annual meeting (Also President of the SUNY Downstate Medical Center are taking on the issue of health inequity and its consequences for’ not only the poor,the minority and the marginally represented but for the nation as a whole and ultimately all those countries that we are intertwined with
For those willing to pursue the matter of health equity further,click on the medallion and follow the resulting page down to the Newest Post on the FindaTopDoc site.



  1. If someone attempts to enter the country illegally, it is invasion as well as undermining the country’s sovereignty . No other country allows this. America has always welcomed LEGAL immigrants. I am one of them.
    Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

    1. The generic issue of migration requires a global attempt at resolution.Closely allied with trafficking,this in turn linked to drug and arms dealing and cartel dictatorships,No single country can deal with the forward pressure.Like with any potential volatile liquid ,corking the bottle tightly causes the explosive potential to increase.We can all wish that it were not so.

      1. Could Daedal2207 please clarify the nature of the “volatile liquid” being “corked”? In what physical locals are what-pressures approaching “explosive” stages? In general, cultural differences are disciplined to the safest unity by the fact that we all agree to a process by which we select representatives to make the specific rules-of-the-road, rules that govern safe passage on our roadway into the future. The issue of guiding immigration has been violated such that an effort now to bring it back into play is met with resistance. Is this what Daedal2207 is referring to? For many decades, being relatively free of disciplined law, an effort to reinstate existing law is “explosive”?

        1. Arthur Conan Doyle put in the mouth of his Sherlock Holmes the phrase ” you see but you do not perceive” addressed usually to Watson or Lestrade. The volatile mix is gun violence,addiction,homicide,suicide,white collar crime,child abuse ,drug and human trafficking etc. Of course to those for whom global warming and environmental degradation do not exist,the road to the future is unencumbered.We are in the valley of the blind and many of the one eyed men who would be king are greedy and lack regard for a future that will not include them

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