Speculative Psychodynamics of Unraveling High Office

A pretty,loyal 29 year old drawn to father figures perceived to be in unhappy marriages and made available by the ultimate such father figure acting as procurer, is berated and shamed into resignation.The MOM (POTUS) seeks credibility,momentarily abandoning the NRA,his “kids”,Gen. McMasters,Gen.Kelly,the second amendment and due process.With germophobia increasing and reverting to campaign mode,including appointment of a campaign head for 2020. “little room to maneuver except into psychosis”…the ominous DSM description of borderline personality,echoed by Flight Surgeons manual.Ominously contradictory statements fly from( MOM),”kids need to go home for their own protection”,”I can’t function without the family”.The Mueller noose is tightening and soon his Mano a Mano machismo will replace defective reality and precipitate the constitutional crisis of serial Justice Dept.firings in order to stop Prosecutor Mueller.
We have a sour Bacchanalian kleptocracy using women( some willing to be used) as currency.This being a hallmark of the great leader MOM and this conduct in 2013 leading to the Golden Shower episodes and his blackmailability. The drunken boasts of Papadopilous led to the FBI investigation and the subsequent democratic party sponsored Steel dossier.
There are enough automatic and semiautomatic weapons already available for deadly,fomented civil unrest.Nothing has been done to prevent Russian interference in upcoming elections.This interference is now known to affect statewide ballots in several states and is increasing in sophistication.Congressionally mandated sanctions against Russia have been blocked by a blackmailable POTUS( MOM)who still has a finger on the nuclear button while being challenged by a cocksure Putin who claims unstoppable weapons and shows videos of nuclear bombs raining down on Florida.Coincidence…speculative rambling? I think not!



  1. daedal2207, you’re reminding us … just in case we haven’t noticed … of the state of chaos in which we as a nation function every day. MOM is in a delusional stupor thriving, as he boasts, in this malignant chaos of perpetual self-gratification. When the “kids” make more sense than the ‘adults,” you know we’re in the Twilight Zone.

    We recognize the virulent disease that is at the helm and which is NOT normal. What is now even more troubling is the acceptance of the condition. We are embarrassed daily by the lack of decency in every aspect that is exposed … the lack of respect towards everything fundamental … rule of law, ethics, content, speech, veracity, honesty, humanity, spirituality, the family. Is the flaunting of Bacchanalian entitlement the new standard? Who are we? With our elected representatives not holding the Executive Branch accountable, has MOM exposed who we really are as a society? In seeing Trump, are we looking at ourselves in the mirror? If that’s the majority, we’re in a fast decline … and in for more and greater pain … especially as we represent the collapse of a worldwide order with realignments taking place. What is the meaning of “allies?” Empires come, empires go.

    “The public will never be made to believe that an appointment of a relative is made on the ground of merit alone, uninfluenced by family views,” Thomas Jefferson warned. “Nor can they ever see with approbation offices, the disposal of which they entrust to their Presidents for public purposes, divided out as family property.”

    Now, the hope is in the “kids” … because they don’t want to be killed by our guns, the mascot of our greed. They are providing the vision, the beacon of light, for we are now blind without a moral bearing.

    P. S. The floor is now ceded to the defense of unfettered profits and fairy tales as real.

    1. The Repugs( thanks again Herb) are hoping to outwait and outwit the “kids”,but despite DS’ idealization of the Presidency ( 0bama did come close ( smile) ) MOM as POTUS is a study in desperation dangerous to us all.It is perhaps only the “fruit of the poisonous tree” that his Kids are now in big time hot water.The ” Shape of Water”…clang association brings to mind The academy awards ceremony and the prominence of gun toting violence,abuse of gender,racial,faculty competence(5 senses) and class conflict in the content of the films indicating artistic sensitivity to the top down abuse that is continuing.To paraphrase W.I.Thomas one more time ‘When men redefine reality that redefinition has consequences’ as Theresa the Appeaser( thanks again Ian!) is learning as Brexit begins to tear apart the U.K.

      1. daedal2207: “‘ When men redefine reality that redefinition has consequences’ as Theresa the Appeaser( thanks again Ian!) is learning as Brexit begins to tear apart the U.K.”

        Precisely. Nothing more to add.

    2. What is actually “learned” by reading this statement of SB’s? We see here a gush of angry, perhaps desperate, venting, but we would have to go elsewhere to discover that which is most important – whether this emotional state is justified, or has she become yet another victim of an epidemic of hysteria aptly called “Trump derangement syndrome” by licensed psychiatrist and award-winning commentator Charles Krauthammer? There seems to be an assumption (or is it a plea) that all her readers would help carry her overflowing pail of negative judgments. Emotional rewards accrue with “Amen” (or is it “likes”) from others so afflicted.

      If you think that “the kids are making more sense than the adults” you probably are in the
      Twilight Zone. It is time to redefine one’s concept of “adult” if it is thought that “adults” are the ones who act righteously from easy emotions (like the kids) and not from feelings evoked by the deeper disciplines of rationality. Real adults strive to cultivate emotions that are appropriate to truths, truths that are revealed by having developed the skills of logic. For instance, kids who are on their way to adulthood would understand, and would have the feeling, that guns could save their lives as well as threaten them. Adults weigh better than most kids varying degrees of risk against gain because they have had more experience and time to think. What stunts this growth to maturity? What arrests skillful thought? Could it be that instead of education, too many kids have experienced, and are experiencing indoctrination? By their schools, and by “adults” who are really kids, they have been shunted into ego-expanding, emotion-based, sacred-morality addictions; dead-end side-tracks where mind-expanding, adult-growing ideas are demonized or excluded. For instance, I just heard that the “kids” at Google have shunted into the “restricted” category ten additional (now forty) Prager University videos. Look at a few of the five minute videos that Google believes should be “restricted”: Famed British historian Andrew Roberts has two; “Why America Invaded Iraq” and “Why America’s Military must be Strong”. Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz; “Israel’s Legal Founding”. Brett Stevens; “What is Holding the Arab World Back?” Ayaan Hirsi Ali presented two; “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?” and “Why Don’t Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?” Professor and well-published war Historian Victor Davis Hanson; “Why Did America Fight the Korean War?”
      No matter the cutting edge brilliance of such presenters, censors at Google apparently believe that exposure to their analyses is somehow dangerous. I think that we can understand that making it difficult for these ideas to be considered obstructs the path by which kids become adults.

      1. Kids understand that their survival is at risk,something that Republicans have trouble with.Are we waiting for “good guys with guns”to stop the runaway exodus from the Trump administration? The introduction of arguments that obfuscate and avoid the issues raised is an unworthy tactic but the pace of Mueller’s noose tightening is increasing as Stormy Daniels and other women come forward because of MOM’s deal violations to beset him legally from a non Mueller related direction , equally legally and reputationally damning. The tariff increase may be the first Presidential act of an unglued POTUS.

      2. DS: “For instance, I just heard that the ‘kids’ at Google have shunted into the ‘restricted’ category ten additional (now forty) Prager University videos.”

        Ah, once again, Prager University as a source of reference, the non-academic school of DS’s Twilight Zone … right up there with Trump University in legitimacy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PragerU. “University” … talk about a con name.

        In a non-partisan sort of way, Bret Stephens is respected in our neck of the woods: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/29/opinion/why-im-still-a-nevertrumper.html?rref=collection%2Fcolumn%2Fbret-stephens&action=click&contentCollection=opinion&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=8&pgtype=collection

        DS: “Adults weigh better than most kids varying degrees of risk against gain because they have had more experience and time to think.”

        With “experience” being the operative guide, the below article is posted as supportive material to comparisons made on this blog several months ago … if not over a year … between DJT and Argentina’s strongman Juan Perón:

        Like Juan Peron in Argentina, Trump threatens to squander our prosperity

        “One of the richest countries in the world around 1900, Argentina was laid low by decades of unsustainable economic policies that made people feel good in the short run but eventually ended in disaster, such as runaway inflation, financial crisis, and periodic debt defaults.”

        DS: “Real adults strive to cultivate emotions that are appropriate to truths, truths that are revealed by having developed the skills of logic.”

        We are all entitled to live in our delusions, but we’re not entitled to cause mass psychological trauma with our delusions. Whose lying eyes and ears do we trust for truths as we walk through the cave?

        P. S. Fact (not alt-facts): lies are lies … truths are truths.

        1. The ability to think things through without slavish fealty to a limited number of benighted sources is the true legacy of Socrates.So too is the ability to incorporate sentiment into a gestalt that predicts a likely future acknowledging of course that the notion of a “best” future eliminates the entire process.

  2. Another hypothetical point of view:

    A very smart, pretty 29 year old, after a year of intense, focused activity feels that it is time to move on to less stressful and more lucrative adventures. The President knows that weapons can be used for good purposes, or for harm. He understands that within a system that embraces individual liberty, some will misuse it. He understands that unless a side can cite quantified knowledge regarding deterrent of harm versus enablement of harm, any claim to possess the moral high ground is emotional fiction. An individual with a need to believe a fiction harms only self and a few within his orbit. A group magnified with this fiction can be particularly dangerous, like a mob swollen with the thrill of a “righteous” lynching. Trump’s voicing the idea that age 21 rather than 18 might save more lives than will be lost is in no way an “abandonment” of all the good use of weaponry that the NRA brings to this nation.

    After all this time the “Mueller noose” has snagged nothing that has to do with Russian collusion. There is no hard evidence that any actual voting was changed by the Russians.

    In spite of major media and Democrat “resistance” the President’s “maneuver room” has been sufficient to achieve much that he had promised.

    In June 2017 James Comey, under oath, described the “dossier” as salacious and unverified.

    Blackmail by Putin? “Dec 21, 2017 · President Donald Trump has approved the sale of more lethal arms to Ukraine as the country fights off Russian-backed fighters in its east.” If subject to blackmail by Putin, how is Trump getting away with sending arms to Russia’s enemies and attacks in Syria that apparently targeted Russian “mercenaries” who were helping Assad?

    What does it mean that Trump “uses” women? How so? Like Bill Clinton? If women for their own reasons allow their being “used”, are they in a way “using” Trump? How is this unethical? Isn’t it unethical (dishonest) to claim certain knowledge (he is guilty) when the evidence is such that there are other possibilities? Doesn’t this indicate that those who make such accusations are not motivated by a desire for truth but by other motives? “Advocacy” of anything other than truth tends to encourage distortions and lies.

    In December of 2017 Andrew McCabe said under oath that the dossier played an essential role in the decision to seek the FISA warrant to gather information about U.S. citizen Carter Page. (Who by the way has not been charged, fined, or arrested.)

    Putin talks tough. How many reasons could there be? If Putin can “blackmail” Trump, why does he believe that he needs to threaten nuclear war?

    1. It is truly amazing how many opportunities “elsewhere” that Special Prosecutor Mueller is providing for Trump administration employees!?

  3. Ill thought out tariffs on steel and aluminum,verbal attacks on friend and foe equally,are active signs of the unraveling.Who is left, as everyone scurries,that can soothe the Merchant of Malice ?

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