Darth Vader Turns on The Merchant of Malice

The wheels are coming off the Trumpmobile big time as Bannon ( Darth Vader ) via Michael Wollf’s new book ” Fire and Fury” accuses the Trump administration of treasonous collaboration with Russian “Jumos”.Stout Steve goes on to indicate that money laundering is the key to Trump’s empire and that Mueller’s operatives,experts in pursuance thereof, are sailing into the Trump backfield as his blockers are busy trying to save their own butts with individual versions of Let’s Make a Deal.Donald Jr.,Jared and Ivanka are providing the range and elevation for the Bannon fusillade as will,no doubt,Bannon himself provide the same for Mueller.How far will the sycophants of the GOP go to try to shield the administration of “the man who would be king”remains to be seen.But it is clear that it is increasingly risky.The MERCHANT OF MALICE has tweeted his way into making Kim Jong Un look like a leader on the world stage by proposing an Olympics engendered exchange with South Korea while Trump snarls “why bother?”.Supporting a nascent Iranian uprising and condemning Pakistan is also stupid and unnecessary juking with nuclear capable powers.Pakistan hasn’t been above board but cutting support without open condemnation is certainly possible.
The great risk for all of us and the world while the GOP plays zwei Grenadier ( der kaiser,main Fuhrer!) is world conflagration because of our Dealmaker’s narcissistic paranoia.
Apparently Putin was more successful in manipulating the American Presidential election than the Trump campaign expected and so casual illegalities including treason may have been committed with the expectation that they would be inconsequential for a losing campaign.



  1. Our vision of the road ahead is obstructed by a blizzard of conflicting judgments. Clarity is obscured by our having to see through the clutter of so much that cannot be true. “Fake information” abounds. Sadly, due to conflicting agendas (leftism versus original intent) much of today’s “news” is intentionally distorted to mislead and manipulate. But which shapes among the blurred images represent true-to-life guideposts that keep us grounded to the safest, most rewarding path? Among the confused images some clues shine brightly as measurable facts. The financial markets are making great optimistic strides. Unemployment is down to the point that demand is now beginning to absorb even those who at another time had given up looking for work. Productivity promises not only greater than 3% GDP averages, but a greater availability of resources capable of saving lives otherwise lost. Illegal immigration is dramatically down thereby increasing pressure on employers to raise the wages of lower income workers. Kim Jung Un for the first time must be seriously concerned that his nuclear ambitions will lead not to expanded power but to his destruction. China too, must be re-thinking its expansionist activities in the light of having to adjust to an American leader who isn’t afraid of asserting and defending America’s, and our friends’ interests. Included is the clarity of Nikki Haley providing for the United Nations a strong stance in support of those who are friends of liberty – and a diminishing support for those despot leaders who would belittle or deny this life-enhancing opportunity to those over whom they lord.
    President Trump clearly stands in the way of leftist agendas. We can expect that those who believe that they, through bigger government, can forcefully impose a superior morality will leap at every means to obstruct his success. Likewise, those who believe that original intent, with its focus on individual liberty and equality under the law for EACH CITIZEN, provides the means by which mankind will be most inventive and productive, will continue to ward off specious attacks, and hope to win their case with empirical results – not just the obvious achievements of the past, but as indicated above, achievements occurring now, and in the near future.

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