Bawdy,Bragging,Salacious and Unwise,POTUS scores big with disastrous tax reform.

The Republican sponsored and approved tax reform boosts the stock market,enriches the wealthy,deprives 13 million Americans of healthcare,adds 1.0 to 1.3 trillion to the deficit and requires either reduction of the defense budget and/ or elimination of Medicare and social security.The Republicans under Trump have struck their coveted death blow against Roosevelt’s New Deal.Obamacare is severely damaged by loss of the universal coverage mandate.Make no mistake about what is at issue here.It is the function of government to protect those citizens who have been bypassed by wealth and privilege.The Nietzchean principle here is to allow the weak and needy to perish on behalf of an evolving superman whose existence accords with the best future for mankind.Please note that those who speak of the best future for mankind assume that it is knowable,which it is not,but whatever results from the Nietzschean nonsense is it.Again note that the cruelty involved in the resultant genocide is not acknowledged.



  1. Yes, the tax reform bill boosts the stock market and enriches the wealthy. Most who are wealthy became prosperous because they have successfully produced and sold resources that have enriched other people’s lives. The tax bill encourages more productivity from those who have proven that they are able to do this life-saving kind of thing. The bill does not “deprive 13 million Americans of healthcare”; it only alters the means by which they obtain a likely better and less costly healthcare. Medicare and social security are not on the chopping block, but will probably need adjustments to make these tattered safety nets more functional. By assigning to government a new primary function, “to protect those citizens who have been bypassed by wealth and privilege”, Daedal2207 deviates dramatically from original intent. In fact, if this new vision for government’s existence is to prevail it destroys the founders’ gift to us of limited government and greater individual liberty. It would also diminish incentives that produce resources needed to expand the range of mankind’s survivability. Exactly the opposite of what Daedal2207 asserts, the principle is not “to allow the weak and needy to perish”, but it is to make the availability of excellence and quantity of resources more available thereby saving the lives of those who would otherwise perish. Please note that in a mechanistic universe, we can logically understand that there would be an objective “best future for mankind”, but Daedal2207 is correct in pointing out that for us (because we lack complete knowledge) certitude about it is not possible. This does not negate probability. In fact it makes probability our primary tool. When supported by empirical and logical evidence we can make some pretty good guesses. Hopefully, doing this is what we are about. Other than providing a means by which one side can elevate itself to a plane of imagined moral superiority, “cruelty” has nothing to do with today’s differences of opinion between the political parties.

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