Rasputin Has Changed Residence.What Now Romanoffs?

Steve Bannon has returned to Breitbart.Despite utterances about pre-planned departure it is reasonably clear that the Trumpeter’s refusal to condemn White Nationalism” until 2 days later after Charlottesville and then to insist on shared responsibility between opposed groups caused Gen.Kelly to put his foot down,squarely in the seat of the pants of Gannon.Only the Congress,in fact the GOP,can put a foot squarely in the seat of the pants worn by POTUS.Sports teams,assemblages of the Arts and Sciences and a majority of Americans have turned their backs on Trump.
The defenders of the confederacy have successfully confused the electorate about the erection of confederate statues.They were mostly erected long after the civil war and coincide with the victory of the ethos of the slaveholder south and the kKK over reconstruction.In his ignorance and personal bigotry(Jewish ties notwithstanding)Trump is supporting and encouraging institutionalized hatred(Neonazis,KKK,White Nationalists etc).Rasputin(Bannon) can now attack Nicolas( Trump) as an ambivalent protector of the “Dark State”.The effect of Breitbart should be felt quickly and hasten Trump’s descent into Pariah status.


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