An Health Care Act,NRA Style.

This a.m. On the Grand Concourse in the South Bronx,the world of symbolic interaction had its say about our health care non system and the national,world visible disgrace that is taking place in the U.S. Congress.( Umpired by an uninformed,ineffective POTUS) A person in a long Lab coat said to be a doctor formerly or presently employed by Bronx Lebanon Hospital,shot 3 other doctors and then himself.It is unclear whether the shooter was the sole fatality.It seems that the others are in critical condition.Itis also unclear whether or not patients were affected.There sure were a lot of cops and firefighters visible on the TV screen !


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  1. In what way is the NRA connected to or responsible in any way for this sad event? The NRA is an organization dedicated to the responsible use of firearms, which includes increased deterrence of bad behavior of all sorts.

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