The Tangled Web Resists Untangling: A New Office Of Simplistic Solutions Is Added.

The possibility of documentation of criminal activity is not receding from the Trump administration.Now guaranteeing the implosion of Obamacare seems a top priority as is punishing those who made a”deal” impossible.A strategy of voluntary testimony to congressional committees has emerged,perhaps to avoid an independent bipartisan inquiry.
A new office to implement the best of business techniques and practice into government,under the favored son in law,Jared Kushner,has been established.Another distraction ; or do they really believe that the U.S. government is just another business and that governance is just a series of deal makings ? Adam Smith,your warnings about business have not been heard!!


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  1. Why would it be unhelpful to think of our government as a business – potentially the best of businesses? If it isn’t a “business” designed to work best at bringing profit (understood in its full meaning) to its citizens (and by extension to all of humanity) what should it be?
    Perhaps the concern is related to the fact that Adam Smith warned us about an inclination of businessmen; they strive to “narrow the competition” to favor self over others. The game of “Monopoly” is well named. So, a government like ours which was designed to avoid monopolies by protecting competition does not conform to this aspect of most business activities. Uniquely designed to be in “the business of protecting competition”, our government also makes deals. Excellence in one does not exclude the potential for excellence in the other. Optimism in the market indicates that the “business” community is impressed with this new leadership. There is apparently a chance for us to profit – in its full sense of meaning.

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