The Tangled Web Resists Untangling: A New Office Of Simplistic Solutions Is Added.

The possibility of documentation of criminal activity is not receding from the Trump administration.Now guaranteeing the implosion of Obamacare seems a top priority as is punishing those who made a”deal” impossible.A strategy of voluntary testimony to congressional committees has emerged,perhaps to avoid an independent bipartisan inquiry.
A new office to implement the best of business techniques and practice into government,under the favored son in law,Jared Kushner,has been established.Another distraction ; or do they really believe that the U.S. government is just another business and that governance is just a series of deal makings ? Adam Smith,your warnings about business have not been heard!!



  1. This resonates with me and it’s good to validate my feelings a little after reading this. I had a deep friendship with a man for over ten years, the relationship started out romantically for the first few years then we became more like best friends after I moved away with work. We shared some very personal thoughts and feelings, talked for hours on end about anything and everything, travelled together on holidays, encouraged and cared for each other. Eventually though, I worried I may be holding him back from ever meeting someone else and marrying, ( I think he harboured hopes of rekindling a romantic relationship one day which I didn’t) so I regret to say, instead of being honest, I gradually broke contact. We both moved on and met partners and in my case, had children. I always wanted to contact him again but once I learnt he was married, I was afraid to in case it wasn’t what he wanted. A year ago, I found out he had died suddenly and unexpectedly. I hadn’t remained in touch with any of his friends or family so no one had let me know. I’d missed the funeral. I was and am devastated. I think without a ceremony, a goodbye, it’s difficult to have closure. There are few people I can talk to about him, most don’t understand the depth of my feelings for him or the regrets I have about the way I broke contact. I have never had a relationship since which shared the same emotional bond, even though I realise I have a wonderful family and a lot to be happy and grateful for. That said, I’d still like to find a way of honouring the time we spent together and what he meant to me. He was an important part of my life and taught me a lot but I’ll never be able to tell him, thank him or say sorry which is something I have to come to terms with. A year on, I’m still very tearful thinking about him which is something I do quite a lot.
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    1. Your narrative was a mirror which reflected a universal experience. Yes. The warmth of its content affirms our shared humanity … fortunate to feel than have nothing to feel. Thank you.

  2. Why would it be unhelpful to think of our government as a business – potentially the best of businesses? If it isn’t a “business” designed to work best at bringing profit (understood in its full meaning) to its citizens (and by extension to all of humanity) what should it be?
    Perhaps the concern is related to the fact that Adam Smith warned us about an inclination of businessmen; they strive to “narrow the competition” to favor self over others. The game of “Monopoly” is well named. So, a government like ours which was designed to avoid monopolies by protecting competition does not conform to this aspect of most business activities. Uniquely designed to be in “the business of protecting competition”, our government also makes deals. Excellence in one does not exclude the potential for excellence in the other. Optimism in the market indicates that the “business” community is impressed with this new leadership. There is apparently a chance for us to profit – in its full sense of meaning.

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