Domestic & World Policy: A Grand But Furtive Design

RMV writes:
Any hope that Republican tilting of the domestic game board and trashing of decades of foreign policy direction might be slowed by loyalty of members of the federal bureaucracy to the laws and principles of the U.S was shattered in the dark of the Congressional night.The Republicans(who do their best work under cover of darkness)restored a provision,originally created in 1876,that allows Congress to fire employees in the federal bureaucracy by eliminating positions and cutting salaries of individual workers to a negligible amount.This obscure authority,known as the Holman Rule,”is certain to frighten career civil servants who have worked on politically fraught issues like climate change”(the Editorial Board,The New York Times.17 January 2017).Republicans have already tried to get lists of agency employees involved with climate change with just that intent;only to be thwarted by President Obama.That protection ended on Jan.20th and very possibly the accomplishments of a generation! It is time for truly patriotic Republicans to wake up and to demand an independent prosecutor to investigate the so-called Russian connection before it’s too late.Time may be running out before Putin’s ordered psychological assessments of Trump cause him to leak both real and manufactured dealings with Trump’s political friends,business uallies and family.I’m referring to the propaganda carried by WikiLeaks,the Romanians or any group willing to do the new KGB’s dirty work.This time with the aim of destroying a POTUS no longer useful or embarrassing to them.This sort of stuff goes viral fast.Enemies of the U.S.,foreign and domestic will give it a life of its own.It will be too late for denials.
Solution? A special prosecutor chosen via bipartisan agreement to fully investigate any evidence of Russian intrusion into Trump’s organization may,paradoxically be the only way to limit the potential damage.Of course if this is done by existing congressional committees and Trump refuses to declassify the findings more damage will be done.Thus a special empowered task force is critical


  1. Yes Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart are RACIST WHITE SUPREMACISTS 52441 They both supported TRUMP and defending ANDREW ANGLIN the neo-nazi from the DAILYSTORMER 400 also they use their WHITE PRIVILEGE and NECROPEDOSADOMASO to silence WOMEN OF COLOR and MINORITIES. STOP FASCISM stop hate!

    1. Ozell tells us to “stop hate”. It is fun and exciting to gather with friends (fellow believers) and root for the home team (our “tribe”). “We will defeat the bums!” A problem arises because the other “team” often contains some very talented players. Real life involves the playing of more than one kind of “game” – all at the same time. If we prioritize the BIG game of human survival it is not a good idea to take too seriously the lesser “games” of racial or sexual competitions. It is “Too serious” when we demonize or otherwise exclude the participation of useful talent just because it comes in a package identified as another race, or sex. Hate is an appropriate motivator when directed against REAL threats. What we need to stop is INAPPROPRIATE hate.

  2. RMV is so sure that the Russians have something on Trump that the enlistment of an independent prosecutor is of paramount importance. Or is this effort of the opposing party a hopeful fishing expedition built on zero hard evidence, drumbeats of innuendo, and designed to torment, weaken and/or delay Trump agendas? Some Democrats state that no matter the lack of hard evidence, the possibility of Trump’s colluding with the Russians is such an important charge that it must be investigated. But, shouldn’t we consider some of the other possibilities?
    The Russians have for decades been interested in interfering with U.S. elections no matter who was running. Such interference is not unusual. The Obama administration apparently interfered in the election of Israel’s Netanyahu. The Russians, like almost all intelligence sources around the world, thought that Trump would certainly lose and thus their efforts to influence the future were more likely those of intimidating the person everyone thought would win, Hillary Clinton. Or, possibly the Russians did not interfere, and interests (domestic and foreign) with other agendas made it appear that the Russians were responsible (Wiki-Leaks tells us that internet sources can be faked). Any contacts with the Russian Ambassador by Trump officials may be as innocent as were the many contacts made with the same Russians by Hillary officials. A primary function of all foreign Ambassadors is to meet with and know American leaders and interests.
    Trump with tactics as dubious as those of the opposition seems to be turning the tables against the Democrats. With as much HARD evidence as exists for the Russian charges against him, he accused Obama of “wiretapping” Trump Towers during the election process. This charge is equally, if not more serious, than the charges made by Leftists against Trump. Such an important charge! Must there now be a “special investigation” (to torment or possibly find dirt on) Obama and the Democrats? Certainly there have been felonious leaks of classified data most likely designed to sabotage the Trump Presidency. Such wiretaps would explain how this information was originally acquired. Another possibility: The FBI or other U.S. intelligence agencies may have been out of the loop. Perhaps foreign intelligence agencies were enlisted in order to aid the Obama administration (or Hillary) in gathering information to be used against Trump. This way no FISA approval would be required and no easily checked trail available.
    Everything presented above could be true. It is all Hollywood-like, some of it very ugly. Professional Hollywood imaginations could likely, will likely add more to the list.
    Clearly we mere citizens lack complete knowledge about the data. But each of us can apply logic. Given the “fact” that numerous possibilities exist, those who value the whole truth would demand that we acknowledge uncertainty. No matter the subject, when anyone chooses to select only “one” when it is clear that “many” are possible, we can logically “know” that agenda(s) other than the whole truth are being served. Excess certitude equals bias. Those who wish to be as free from bias as possible, those whose primary motive is to clarify the most accurate path forward, will resist spreading accusations (such as Trump colluded with Russians) which are premised with innuendo and unjustified certitudes. If interested in learning which “news sources” operate with agendas other than the truth, this application of logic should be helpful.

    1. Despite the obfuscations,distractions,attempted silencing of the press and other media,the cascade of hard ( denied but ineffectually disputed) evidence of collusive wrongdoing with Russia at its center continues.Whether or not accountability can be enforced is a real test of our system’s security and of our democracy itself.”So what’s new?” is particularly lame.

      1. Reference Daedal2207 comment 17 Mar 2:52 PM:
        Please define “hard evidence”. And give us some pertinent examples.

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