The Low Hanging Fruit Option(Overdetermined)

About a month ago the victorious Trumpeter addressed his followers by announcing that he was appointing people who would get things done and he didn’t need them until the next election.
Suddenly he’s on the trail again acting like the candidate Trolling Trumpeter.let me suggest that he can’t function without his family acting in their usual protective roles and he is discovering that despite his numerous protocol violations the family is being limited.The spate of distrustful psychological analyses including Russian evaluations are forcing him back toward a tough guy posture with a campaign promises substrate.Conspiracy theorists suggest that a power elite from both parties is paying for high powered lawyers to prepare impeachment scenarios.which will go to congressional committee lawyers and the NSC when his unpredictability becomes dangerous.He heard Bill O’Reilly’s warning and he is using his version of storm troopers(ICE)and adding to them where he can by ensnaring local policing.Even his most devoted appear to be giving him a time limit on such issues as health care,job return,and tax reduction.His economic plan makes little sense so he must keep the divisive pot boiling.C ROC anti trump and C PAC pro trump are squaring off.When is the whistle to be blown on civil unrest and how long can Law & Order issues distract before external war is needed as a better distraction and temporary economic stimulus? Are our secret briefings safe with this POTUS? Is his hand on a nuclear trigger to be obeyed?
This script says that things are going to get worse rapidly.Who can write a better one for the U.S. and the world.Vladimir is disqualified.



  1. Intentional misleading is an old strategy it is usually accompanied by suppression of open communication and a free press.( media) The optimistic child who wades through horse puckey looking for a pony is worse off than the pessimistic child sitting in a corner and wailing ,if at the bottom of the pile, is a den of vipers! ‘Wondrous things under the tent’ indeed! Magic doesn’t exist ,distraction enables magic acts.The trolling Trumpeter cannot be allowed to distract with riot and war.
    Where are the promised tax returns? Where is the independent investigation of his and his campaign’s ties to Russia? Treason and subversion rear their ugly heads.These are the monsters that we as a nation must Cry Havoc and loose the dogs of war upon!

    1. What Daedal2207 has written here (26 Feb 3:19 PM – and 7:38 PM) is generally true. What may not be true is its application to the Trump Administration. How certain is it really that there was/is a nefarious collusion with the Russian government to steal or alter the election results? (The FBI has apparently told Reince Priebus that the New York Times piece on this topic is “Bull S”.). A strong factor in the probability game is to consider how much benefit accrues to the Democrats by fomenting this accusation – no matter its truth? As Daedal2207 points out “Intentional misleading is an old strategy”.
      It is also true that I like precision of language and thought. But I bend to the truth of things. We have to deal with it. The reality of Trump’s style includes massive doses of hyperbole. So far it seems to have worked well for him. Leftists have used extreme exaggerations about the evil (or goodness) of others for decades and it often worked for them. I agree that this style tends to cause confusion which could be internationally dangerous, but it can also induce a higher level of caution among those who would otherwise be dangerously tempted to test us.

  2. It is uncharacteristic of DS to be so tolerant of imprecision of language and thought.’Ignore what I say ,just watch what I do ‘ is a mad mantra that must wreak havoc on both domestic and foreign policy!

  3. The script just presented is just that, a script from an imaginative mind. Other scripts have been presented that i think fit the real world more precisely, but apparently a love of Hollywood style prevails for leftist mindsets trending to resist ideas that are harnessed to “real”.
    “Life is not a dress rehearsal” as radio show psychologist Toni Grant often said. If we want our lives to relate harmoniously with nature’s laws we would do well to script our play of life in terms of what actually works best to advance the human condition and avoid tribal mindsets that divide us into “My group is good, their group is evil”. This form of tribal thinking leads members to favor governments that reflect its “special” goodness and punishes “others” who do not share their “noble” insights. Somehow a political party whose fundamental reason for existence is to reduce the size of government, enhance individual liberty with its concurrent responsibilities and measurable meaning, is being portrayed by those of leftist mindsets as the exact opposite, a fascist regime with its boot being placed on the neck of its poor citizens who are about to be enslaved. Why do otherwise good minds come to passionately believe that which is so improbable? We all crave for ourselves a place of meaning. False beliefs that feel good can be addictive, thus resist correction. If not too late, the cure for such addiction is that of engagement with other ideas. I found out recently that one of my granddaughters had been told by a high school teacher never to listen to FOX NEWS. This form of “book burning” illustrates one way that belief addictions are imbedded (and religious-like places of special meaning protected and proselytized). An open mind understands its beliefs to be hypotheses that must be constantly challenged in order to best reveal the objective realities. Exposure to a range of sources tends to reveal the nature of bias. A mind learns how to recognize and weigh various agendas that compromise truth telling. “Fake news” is a reality, but Fox News is among the least of those purveying this scourge.

    Aside from current news events it is helpful to examine some fundamental philosophic ideas which can provide real world grounding for judgments about what is better and lesser.
    To thrive or just to survive, resources are needed. The more fertile our environment (in every way), the healthier and more expansive our species can grow. Besides nature, man’s invention and production provides many forms of “nutrients” needed for growing maximum life qualities. It is likely that the system of government most able to inspire and tap maximum productivity from every level of IQ would be that system most able to provide maximum resources capable of satisfying the greatest variety of needs. It has been proven that enlightened self-interest, disciplined by competition, generated by free markets, is a productive dynamo that quickly attracts talent from all levels of ability to where it is most needed. Monopolies are destructive of free market dynamics, therefore anti-trust laws are needed at some levels. Government is useful when serving this function, as well as refereeing to protect fair play. When governments are assigned the task of competing with the free market unlike its competitors it can jail and fine, thereby unfairly destroying the benefits of honest competition. Efficiencies of the market are stifled thereby reducing the availability of resources. Those who are most needy, those who are at the edges of survival will be the first to be starved of needed resources. They will be the first to wither and die.
    And yet, those who passionately claim compassion for those most in need advocate that we transform ourselves into the less efficient of the options. Fascinating!

    1. The bully pulpit continues to spew unworkable economic policies.disastrous foreign policy,divisive and paranoic domestic policy”.Efficiencies of the market “…Listen again to Adam Smith and his warning about greed AND THE NEED FOR REGULATION .
      Our new CSA, apparently a good man, is an officer on active duty;thus potentially under orders,Antisemitism is on the rise,deportation of immigrants is cascading, the preceding comment surely is blaming the victims and ignoring the avalanche of descent.I believe that 6 months of this descent will cause a new script to be required.

      1. The declaration of war on a free press and the banning of selected networks from press briefings coincident with requiring an insider spokesman for non banned newspapers is another sign of onrushing fascism !

        1. The process is messy. Daedal2207 presents some clues that indicate our future could indeed be what he with such certitude predicts. It is this degree of certitude that should be of interest to detective-like minds most desirous of making accurate judgments. The inquisitive will examine other possibilities, the other ways that the pieces of this puzzle can be brought together to make “best” sense. We have as President an unusual personality. He is like a circus barker enticing the public to enter the huge tent to see the most marvelous sights ever before experienced! Hyperbole is his style, and if we insist that his every word represents a precise truth we are expecting something that is not realistic. But this showman style does not automatically mean that what is “in the tent” is not something of true value. So, Trump says things that are not precise, things that can be interpreted in numerous ways. Those driven by agendas will select (and run with as certain) whichever interpretation will advance that cause. Given that we cannot take many of his words literally, a good detective is forced to rely more heavily on the patterns established by his actions.
          What does Daedal2207 present as evidence that we are because of this administration in a sharp descent? The following statements; “unworkable economic policies, disastrous foreign policy, divisive and paranoic domestic policy” suffer the weakness of being nothing more than highly debatable opinion.
          Antisemitism may be on the rise, but what is the connection given that the Trump Presidency supports so strongly the Jewish state? Trump also demonstrates great respect for a daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild who are members of the Jewish faith.
          Adam Smith’s addressing the “need for regulation” needs clarification as to what form(s) of regulation he was recommending. Competition itself is a form of automatic regulation and fits well with Smith’s overall philosophy of economics. Anti-trust powers are by government a way to regulate trends leading to dangerous monopoly and thus protect competition.
          “Deportation of immigrants” is apparently on the rise, but only those who are in the illegal category of immigrant are afected. Isn’t it interesting that this important distinction is almost always ignored by those with leftist agendas? Legal immigration by those who can demonstrate that they share and can contribute to American values is likely to go up.
          Another imprecise statement by Trump pertaining to “the “war on the press” has been clarified by Trump as being “a war on fake news”. A free press can be valued at the same time that one can war against those who INTENTIALLY present false, or otherwise misleading statements.
          If the label “fascism” refers primarily to those who shut down communications, doesn’t it apply to those who prevent speakers from speaking? For example the faculty at Rutgers who in 2014 disinvited Condoleezza Rice on the basis that she lacked sufficient moral status. California State University Los Angeles canceled a scheduled speech by Ben Shapiro (Feb 2016) fearing those on campus who had threatened to riot. Consider a number of current examples where righteous leftists give themselves heckler’s license to disrupt communications at town hall meetings where Republican congressmen are trying to explain current policy. Possibly the label “totalitarian” is more precise for these examples of the left gone wild.
          Maybe the label “Fascist” as applied to the Republican administration is being used sloppily with too much imprecision. Is Donald Trump’s style contagious?

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