The Retrospectoscope Moves Again.

As the retrospectoscope reviews Yale’s decision to rename Calhoun College to Grace Murray Hooper College( as Calhoun was too onerous a figure),and the refusal of the House Oversight Committee to relent on recommending charges for Karen Ann Conway,McConnell’s silencing of Elizabeth Warren(she persisted),the lack of apparent intent to pursue Flynn for treason and reluctant looking at his lying to the FBI,the discovery that Comey reported the investigation of Clinton but did not report the concurrent investigation of Flynn and the GOP…The elderly instrument brings back an episode involving an inebriated woman back in the mid 60s being ordered out of the bar car of the New Haven R.R. and off the train at 8:30 p.m.without money (and cell phones were not available)for unsuitable behavior while hypocritical (white) males clucked their approval.The scope scores present and past misogyny 3 Fairness (late)1.


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