Thanatos & Destruido

There appears to be a race going on between the moral and structural disintegration of the country and the destruction of Trump’s administration.Voices are being raised nationwide expressing some kind of dissatisfaction.Health care and the ACA as an resiss double talk.The nation is alarmed by indications of collaboration between the Trump campaign and Putin’s Russia with promises made to undo sanctions imposed by President Obama and likely to be maintained if not expanded by Hillary Clinton.While party loyalty determines action nothing will be done, but true patriotism is beginning to appear in Republican ranks.People like McCain and Linsey Graham will not let this alone nor the Senate Ethic committee leader from Utah.
The ban on Muslims will not subside as an issue.Academics are abandoning their ivory towers to band together to protect their sciences.How much damage can be done by even a temporary ban? Of course if the reason for the ban can be identified as involving religious discrimination then constitutionality as an issue will doom it.
Rachel Maddow raises a rumor that Putin is giving Edward Snowden back as a ” gift”.Hopefully unfounded but with everything else unraveling Snowden would be a hair ball of a gift!!



  1. Apparently we are facing some premises which if taken too literally cause a destructive mental paralysis. This mental issue does not exclude “academics”. The “American value” protects the freedom of religion. But we are confronted by a growing-in-power religion that commands its adherents to literally war against all other religions. The “American value” also protects a democratic rule and a separation of church and state. But there is a religion that demands that its followers vote for and support a theocracy. It is true that not ALL members of this religion agree with these values. But it is also true that practically all the terrorist killing and sharia activity on the face of today’s planet is caused by those who do adhere to this faith. Until we learn how to clearly distinguish between those who are benign and those who are cancerous, choosing not to add more foreign born Islamists to our population is a highly reasonable, highly probable way to save lives. A thinking brain should be able to see logically that, given a religiously based threat, all solutions to this problem will involve some form of “religious discrimination”. This conundrum, this dilemma is partially controllable by the fact that our constitution protects the religious freedom of its citizens. It does not have to extend the same right to non-citizens.
    Could it be that just because President Trump is advocating this rational and life-saving temporary ban that it becomes unacceptable? Perhaps because literally ALL our options require discriminating judgments about faith, those who have to make such judgments (the party in power) can be demonized (by lying to those ignorant of the issues) as being against basic American values.
    How did it happen? Who or what promoted the FAITH that all faiths are equally valuable to human survival? Science did not tell us this. And why would rational minds embrace such a clearly false premise? The “academics” who actually wish to protect the sciences should be abandoning their ivory towers with the intention of advancing science (the best rational probabilities), and not for the purpose of proselytizing yet another faith called leftism.

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