Accelerating Pace

The trolling Trumpeter continues to issue executive orders that are unvetted and unresearched as to constitutionality.The twittering continues mean and ill considered.Spineless republicans are crying foul when confronted by the same stalling, obstructionist tactics that they used against Obama.Trump is behaving like an emperor rather than a president.He is pushing beyond the constitutional powers of a president ostensibly testing the limits of the office.The truth is that he cannot help himself.He is certainly pointing out the flaws in our constitution and our politic.He is also wreaking havoc on the international front.A British referendum as to whether he should be disinvited to a state visit? A muted message of potential serious retaliation by China for his militaristic sword waving in the direction of China?these are serious signs.By the way how do you separate Holocaust Rememberance Day from antisemitism?How can you be pro Zionist and antisemitic at the same time?Trump and Netanyahu know,with a glance at Trump’s strategy adviser,my guess is NIMBY.Look out America!



  1. According to my sources (George Washington University Law professor Jonathon Turley is an example) the executive order that temporarily restricts immigration from seven countries is well within the powers of the Presidency (It is not anti-all immigration nor does it affect all or even most Islamic countries). Given that the political left and Republican agendas have fundamentally different and contradictory goals it would be strange if each did not attempt to obstruct the other. Our task as observers and enlighteners is to provide GOOD evidence as to how events will actually play out to human benefit or harm depending on which of the two sides should prevail. Consider a fundamental question: Which side is most at ease engaging in the greatest distortions of the true nature of things? Feb 1, on a major U.S. university campus, a mob gathered to destroy property and riotously prevented a Breitbart speaker from presenting his ideas (It seems that a gay, verbally skilled, and brilliant conservative is not to be tolerated). Why didn’t those who should be responsible for protecting the university’s original promise of welcomed open enquiry inforce the needed disciplines? Something akin to a deep religious fervor seems to be a general characteristic of today’s Berkeley students, faculty, and its administrators. Self-righteousness tends to become the enemy of what is right.
    Many of Trump’s executive orders are in direct opposition to Obama’s “pushed to the limits” executive orders. The political left in Europe (as in the U.S.) is displaying sensitivity about the fact that Trump, by advancing the original “individual liberty”, “individual rights” values intrinsic to the U.S. Constitution, becomes a threat to their efforts proselytizing beliefs thought to have a “morally superior” basis – beliefs intrinsic to “social justice” (group rights). This democrat socialist movement has grown powerful worldwide adherents with great organizing abilities (i.e. Soros and
    We can surmise that China has moved into the South Pacific precisely because Obama was not feared or respected. Let’s hope that China will fear a Trump Presidency and will rethink its dangerous plans for expansion.
    Trump has a daughter who (with his blessing) married a man of the Jewish faith. For this reason, and given the left’s history of exaggerating racial and religious hatred in order to mobilize groups, it is probable that its accusations of antisemitism against anyone in the Trump administration are without merit.
    Yes, “Look out America!” There is a lot of fake news being promoted as if not only true, but more moral than thou.

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