The Raw Deal

It has been suggested (DS) that Trump’s atypical behavior vis a vis the office of President may have unforseeable benefits. The point is well taken,but in the world of symbolic interaction whose stage is beyond the geographical and geopolitical boundaries of the U.S.A and the performers on which include all humanity since homo appeared,the actions of distancing from the press,isolating and personalizing the White House are those of History’s dictators.
Joseph Stieglits,the Nobel Prize economist declares Trump’s economic plan unworkable and if implemented, disastrous.He declares Trump ignorant of macroeconomics and dominated by a spurious and dangerous inner vision.Projecting Nazi like attributes unto others is an interesting but expectable move.
Externalizing agression as things begin to deteriorate nationally(which can be swift)is another page from Nero,Caligula and Co.



  1. As a rebuttal to the observation that Trump may actually provide for our country a force more for good than bad Daedal2207 writes “… in the world of symbolic interaction whose stage is beyond the geographical and geopolitical boundaries of the U.S.A and the performers on which include all humanity since homo appeared, the actions of distancing from the press, isolating and personalizing the White House are those of History’s dictators.”

    It is important that we make an effort to glean from the totality of human history lessons about life that give us healthy guidance. What Daedal has presented as such a lesson about dictatorships deserves some analysis: From what forms of “press” did “History’s dictators” seek distance? If by “press” Daedal2207 is referring to those sources of information for whom Truth is the priority, (and is not other-agenda propaganda), I would agree completely. If what is called the “press” is in large part “fake news” (generated by a press driven by advocacies believed so important that conscious or unconscious distortions of evidence are acceptable) “distancing” would demonstrate a positive leadership that values the correction of a societal dysfunction. As examples of “fake news” consider a “press” that presents as evidence of “unfairness” the fact that more blacks than whites are incarcerated, but does not provide evidence of disparate proportions of crime behavior. For the sake of women rights a “press” that reports that one out of four female college students experiences “rape” (the definition of rape is expanded well beyond traditional understandings). To motivate resources going to the gay community it was widely reported that the AIDS risk in the U.S. involving heterosexual behavior was equal to that of homosexual behavior.
    Large segments of today’s press in these United States have been proven unreliable as regards their representation of truth. An important lesson from history demonstrates that many who tell untruths make the claim that it is the others who are lying. This means that our navigational responsibility to ourselves and others is that of becoming good judges of sources and knowing that for the sake of healthy guidance the objective truth of things is of a higher priority than feeling good – (often caused by cultivating sentiments of “specialness” expanded at the expense of objective truths).

    I couldn’t find Marvin Stieglitz on the internet. I am familiar with Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Prize 2001 economic sciences). Those left of center politically seem to like him. He wrote “The Price of Inequality”. What is your source regarding Marvin Stieglitz’s opinions about the Trump economic plan(s)?

    For the sake of balance, consider the ideas of Milton Friedman (1976 Nobel Prize for economic sciences).

    1. Mea culpa,aging neurons crossed two Stiglitz(Steiglitz) Joseph Stiglitz’ reference is Project Syndicate and BBC news reports of yesterday’s European economic conference.
      The facts are that more whites are incarcerated than blacks but the black proportion relative to population is much higher,,prison terms are longer and crimes disproportionately linked to drug usage and peddling.

      1. Failure to mention anti-semitism on Holocaust Memorial Day and issuing a ban on refugees as well as the blocking of entry from designated nations ,blocking Muslims generally while seeking exception for Christians is pathognomonic of an imperial style steeped in and seasoned by bigotry.So much for the ameliorative power of Trump’s cabinet !

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