The Comey Effect

The stock market has come roaring back,ostensibly shaking off the ill timed FBI announcement of possible Hillary Clinton culpability and following the denial thereof 10 days later.Hillary will probably win anyway and maybe her margin will only be reduced minimally,but irreparable damage has been done to American’s faith in government,law and order,American exceptionalism and the ability of a concept of fairness to transcend class,color and the raw power of money.
With a Trump victory there would be no issue of national healing and restoration of fundamental egalitarian belief.A Trump victory would be the beginning of our descent into fascism.But a Clinton victory would not end the paramilitary aspirations of the far right,the impatience of the left for meaningful tax and immigration reform,the politicization of the courts and law enforcement including the FBI.Add to this stew the loss of jobs to the relentless march of technology,the obsolescence of public education,and the ascendancy of the psychopath as a leader in corporate and financial enterprise.The modern world is not spared the conflicts of prior centuries and the management of these include modulated war.
Global warming is real,overpopulation is real,worldwide drought is real and American leadership is unlikely if the representatives thereof believe in a globe that is ten thousand years old.Millenials may be posturing for positioning themselves in the world but the positioning will have little meaning if the whole shebang is going to go up in smoke.


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