The Troll Now Officially Has Support From The Klan: Repudiation Seems Tepid

It appears possible although still improbable that the Trumpeting Troll( Internet meanie)with the help of the FBI director,might slime his way into the White House.PTSD is spiking,so too anxiety attacks and depressiveness.But neo-nazis,Aryan nation,antisemites,and black,brown and yellow haters,LBGTE haters,and garden variety misogynists are braying and howling it up.Incredibly the people who are elected to govern are planning not to govern until things seem more propitious should Hillary be elected.The Trumpeting Troll marching around Jericho(Washington) has already attracted Rodentia and now his blasts are not to bring the walls of Washington(Jericho) down but to raise the wall south of the border up.
If Hillary wins,we’ll impeach her the GOP cognoscenti howl.We won’t let Democrats appoint any more Supreme Court Justices,we’ll repeal Rowe Wade,and deep six AHC (Obama care).
The more discerning will note that there is no substitute plan for Obamcare and the sabotage of several states has made the plans expensive along with the blackmail proposals of several of the insurance providers.We are supposed to compromise and build together but the GOP is only interested in consolidating power in the best interests of a few.

It is the anniversary of the birth of the Black Panther party,the epitomization of the rage attendant upon historical abuse of blacks in this country as well as close to the anniversary of Nazi Krystal Nacht the epitomization of projective scapegoating and abuse of Jews where German self loathing was to be avoided at all costs.And so look to “The Other” and mix in the abuse of women,whose potential is to be feared.The muck coming up in America will not subside on November 9th.



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  2. Fascinating! Daedal2207 and I have shared this world for so many years and our observations about important national and international issues are a world apart. Despite our differences we should agree that there is an objective reality for every issue. Because of incomplete knowledge, the best that any questing human can do is to assemble all the evidence available and then logically structure the most accurate hypotheses. When, because of incomplete knowledge there are a number of possible answers the truth seeker isn’t going to dismiss all but one. Only minds that crave more certitude (support) for one of the possible answers than all the evidence would logically allow would do that. This takes us into the domain of faith. And faith is not limited to the religions of God. Ideas can be cherished as deeply (and as addictively) as many cherish their concept of God. We need ideas in spite of their potentially addictive attractions. The antidote to this addiction is the continuous PROCESS of TESTING IDEAS objectively (The scientific method).

    Daedal2207 opines that “the GOP is only interested in consolidating power in the best interests of a few”. By the use of “only” he is ignoring the fact that high levels of personal liberty, free markets, and free speech have a record of having actually advanced the interests of “not a few”, but a great (the greatest?) number. With historical measurements we have empirical evidence of a dramatic past that was more successful than competing systems in providing the widest range of resources thereby meeting important needs for all individuals (even the poorest). Also, the GOP tries to advance the original-intent value of a smaller, shared-power government, not more power. Because the evidence of history indicates that “power tends to corrupt” this also diminishes the probability that its “leaders” will become corrupt. A government big enough to forcibly take resources from some in order to “give” to those who are “favored by government” is far from what the GOP desires, but it is apparently what the Democrats desire. That “transformation” from original intent to massive power and government complexity has evidently resulted in serious corruptions in a number of high offices. Revelations brought about through Wikileaks and other emails that survived (illegal) destruction may (hopefully) slow the Democrats quest for the kinds of extreme levels of power that Daedal2207 mistakenly ascribes to the Republican agenda.

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