The Joker vs Wonder Woman or Blurred Lines & Definitions

Yes,in this analysis Trump is the Joker and Hillary is Wonder Woman.The joker keeps getting away with sinister muttering and Wonder Woman keeps acting as though she were sensitive to s world full of kryptonite.No Hillary,that would be Supergirl and there’s something ominous about that character.(loose cannon?)
Let’s revert to our more comfortable tennis symbolism.The truly great tennis players excel in one or more aspects of the game.For some it is the serve,for others the forehand or backhand or volley.For the Trumpeter it is the offhand and the bobble volley.The offhand is the masterful no hands stroke of the off the cuff remark which resists contextualizing when used with the bobble volley.(“believe me”,” definitely”,”you know what I mean”)Trump’s latest offhand shot “take away the guns from her security detail and let’s see what happens to her”.If this seems like a renewal of the threat that the second amendment people might stop her from appointing justices to the court if she wins,the bobble volley says ” believe me” it isn’t because the original wasn’t a threat.The Birther argument author bobble volleys back this racist doggerel to Hillary and offhands “”Period”,”I ended it”.
Hillary loves the lob but lacks truly penetrating shots and relies ovelrmuch on the drop shot to deal with weak offhands but clearly needs practice.She needs a better serve and needs to listen to her coaches command to stop lobbing.
Racism is deplorable,separating it from the defense of white privilege is impossible.Separating the defense of white privilege from originalism is impossible,economic blocs are a reality,global warming is a reality,terrorism is a reality,(domestic &international)overpopulation is a reality,nation states must prevail against tribalism while easing into an unaccustomed globalism.The Joker is evil on the wrong side of history.Hillary,serve better and get to the net!



  1. It’s difficult to find well informed people on this issue, but you seem like you comprehend what you’re talking about!

  2. The point is that Hillary is not Wonder Woman.I see that the Joker, who is now snarling, is still credible to some.The defecting Republicans must be affected by the green stuff(not money necessarily),Kryptonite.

  3. Daedal2207 has imaginatively (and pleasantly) illustrated some styles of “fight”. We are experiencing a significant competition and there is a thrill in witnessing the “play of the game”. I am presently reading “The Eagle Against the Sun”, a WW2 history of America against Japan. The nuance of strategy, both long before and during overt hostilities, is fascinating to behold. Each side demonstrated a willingness to fight to the death for their cause. Brilliant minds were focused toward the destruction of that valued by other equally brilliant minds.
    As regards our specie’s future, the “play of the game” is less important than is our attempt to determine the substance of what is likely to follow as a consequence of which side wins. It is critical that the premises employed in this endeavor be accurate. No matter how brilliant the mind, if programmed with garbage its perfectly “rational” conclusions will tend toward garbage.
    Daedal 2207: “Racism is deplorable, separating it from the defense of white privilege is impossible.”
    Yes, any inappropriate generalization should be considered a handicap and sometimes on the emotional level such mindsets can actually be “deplorable”. Groups consisting of people who share false beliefs (and their resulting false-based sentiments) handicap the process of cultural growth. Fact – The California Universities are filled with disproportionate numbers of people of Asian ancestry. Is this evidence of a deplorable “racist” anathema by “them” against all other races, is this unfair Asian privilege, or are there other more benign (or positive) explanations? Most fundamentally, even asking this question requires us to categorize and divide ourselves on the basis of race. Doesn’t this illustrate the very essence of our engaging in an inappropriate generalizing activity? Yes, societies tend to do it and thus we must deal with it, but our founders chose to deal with it by creating a Constitution that assigns to every INDIVIDUAL citizen equal rights regardless our dysfunctional inclination to use race distinctions to divide ourselves. Daedal2207 writes, “Separating the defense of white privilege from originalism is impossible”. If the “originalism” is the very Constitution that assigned an equal right to every individual citizen regardless their racial identity, Daedal2207 must be operating with a premise that is not true. If Daedal2207 is referring to the apparent fact that we as humans will always be inclined to group with others who are visually “like us” he is presenting an accurate aspect of the problem. But that doesn’t mean that our better (more enlightened) selves cannot have a positive impact. Isn’t “originalism” the essence of a more enlightened mindset (Content of character)? Let’s hope that it is this unifying-of-healthy-values mindset and not “diversity” (of appearance) that prevails in the battle for our future.
    Though difficult to accept and worthy of wonder it seems to be true that in significant ways it is the “Joker” who is supporting the more enlightened cause.

    1. Wonder Woman?? She lies, deceives & coerced women raped by her husband!!
      Anwar Ghali, MD, MPA

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