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From: Virginia Vidaver <vvidaver>
Date: August 5, 2016 2:26:22 PM PDT

Anger is spontaneous. Hate is forever–or so it seems. Sunni-Shite hatred goes back a millennium; anti-semitism is older still and we see no end in sight for racism. Pres. Obama, despite his clear majority and enthusiastic voter support was soon enough engulfed by racism’s hatred. Why? Is it that hatred is simply “natural” to the human species, as enduring as mankind itself to be dumped on anyone deemed different from oneself? No, I don’t believe so despite our ever-present potential for spontaneous violence towards members of “foreign” tribes. Homo sapiens are tribal creatures whose evolution over the last million years from our primate ancestors depended on the success of one’s tribe in overcoming neighboring tribes: for territory, for wildlife inhabiting that territory and for the enemies’ wives (thereby enhancing one’s gene pool). With time the dominant evolutionary force became less triumph over the natural world as the elimination of competing tribes. But victory could be short-lived. Once the enemy was subdued, territory/wives brought into the fold, there was every reason to get along with one’s captives; numbers added to the strength of the tribe and consolidation of former enemy tribes, where possible into networks, might lead to tribal “nations”. My premise is that however murderous, for the moment, violence towards enemy tribes is short-lived and derives from lower, more primitive, brain centers than hatred. The latter is a far more cerebral formulation with sophisticated underpinnings, complex organization and historical basis. Homo sapiens needed an advanced forebrain to “create” hate. OK, hatred has a “story behind it, but why, and how, does it last for centuries (while murder is momentary)? In actuality hatred isn’t easy to come by and takes a lot of work by leadership to convince the tribe to hate another group. Equally, hate dies away in the absence of constant reiteration of the hurt once suffered from the enemy. Hatred requires three components: first, past victimization (physically or ideologically, real or imagined), and, second, the need to rectify that “wrong-doing” in order to redeem, in the present the honor, or status of your tribe. One’s immediate identity hinges on getting-even for what might have been done a millennium ago. Third, most importantly, these two themes must be constantly, daily, thrust upon the mind’s of the tribe’s constituents to keep the hatred myth alive and in control of people’s thinking (and behavior). Hatred, like a rapacious animal, must be fed daily to facilitate its survival. Without constant repetition it fades away. The hatreds of WW II towards Germany and Japan (and theirs towards us) disappeared rapidly once the propaganda ceased despite the millions of casualties endured by the combatants. Provide jobs and Ireland and Northern Ireland stop blowing each other up. Moreover, somebody has to gain, in the here-and-now, to make worthwhile the enormous effort to keep the hate-myth alive. A few, leaders of some sort, have to work indefatigably to maintain the “enemy” in the minds of a larger population. Racism was a tool through which the Establishment elite kept the poor white share-croppers under control, the unions out and the mills running for ‘cheap’. Keeping black-America powerless in the process added to its “rationale”, but maintaining the elite in power was the underlying, all-powerful motivation to the ubiquitous lie.

So what’s that got to do with Pres. Obama’s renewed popularity? Plenty! Following the President’s election Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate chief, speaking for the Party said that his foremost mission was the electoral defeat of Obama in 2012. (Nothing about the needs of the country, alienating the terrible human costs of the Great Recession or, heaven forbid, the possibility of national prosperity derived from inter-party cooperation.) There followed an avalanche of anti-Obama propaganda, a literal orgasm of hatred from the media on all sides, especially the Fox network, for the most part thinly disguised racism. And no one objected. No Republicans and precious few Democrats. Why? Obviously racism, alive and well, serves the Establishment for its economic advantage. (It should be no surprise that during this same eight-year orgy of hatred towards our black President income inequality has grown at the fastest rate in history, middle income wages have declined and gridlock paralyzes Congress.) By creating a national, tribal animosity towards the President, accepted by the mindless white majority, innate racism made the rich and powerful richer and more powerful (and everybody else poorer). For example, half of the Federal judiciary posts which came open in the last four years have gone unfilled because of the refusal of the Republican Senate to evaluate the candidates qualifications, blaming Pres. Obama for the “problem” derived from their immoral, if not unlawful unwillingness to fulfill their Constitutional duty. Their hope, of course, is an eventual Republican President stuffing the judiciary with judges sympathetic to the rich and powerful. Meanwhile, the Establishment remains indifferent to our clogged courts and the lack of justice so long as the President is held culpable, however unreasonable that may be. “Obamacare” expansion to meet the health care needs of millions of Americans has been steadily blocked in many states with the President called to task for trying to alleviate the poor’s suffering. Racism hits a home run and the stream of anti-immigrant, anti black rhetoric flowed on maintained for nearly eight years by a captive media and brain-washed public.

In the last weeks Pres. Obama’s popularity measured in national polls has steadily risen to 54%–Reagan-like levels. Why? The unending flow of anti-Obama diatribe has stopped. Like the lighthouse horn that suddenly turns silent hardly anyone notices the silence. One possibility is that the Republican moguls have become preoccupied with “loser” Trump whose ineptitude and savagery threatens the entire house of cards. With threat to the Senate majority and perhaps the House, the Establishment has moved vigorously into action, experts and so-called party visionaries appearing on every news station and party platform to question Trump’s competence, veracity and sanity. Accused of everything from ADHD to empathic blindness it would seem the Establishment is desperately trying to put Trump in his place. What place? Obedience to the Establishment. No more tirades against globalization and pro-Putin rhetoric, but most of all, take orders from the Establishment and grovel like any good servant should.

While internecine warfare amongst Republicans bodes no good for the rest of us they have, in their preoccupation with denouncing Trump laid off President Obama; the daily diatribe from Republican media across the nation have, like the lighthouse horn, grown silent allowing for the natural ascendency of Pres. Obama’s image in the minds of the American people. Absent the daily torrent of racism–hate–and the President is seen as a competent leader of great intelligence, integrity and humanity. The false veil of racism falls away and the President is seen realistically, as the person he really is.





  1. If another “tribe” is truly racist, intolerant, sexist, homo-phobic, xenophobic, etc., is it not worthy of hate? If throughout history one’s country has been rapacious in its treatment of other countries; if it is truly intolerant, racist, and unfair to its citizens, what would be more deserving of hate? Nature gave us this powerful emotion for good reason. It provides the high octane motivation with which we set about correcting the ills that (we believe) are harming humanity.

    I am a member of a “tribe” and a country too, that has been called by another “tribe” all these ugly things and more. If these accusations were true I would disavow my group and my country, I would try to transform my country and justifiably hate its ills and try to correct or neutralize the impact of those who exhibit such destructive traits. The tribe that embraces leftist beliefs is doing exactly what it should be doing; hating, and correcting the ills it believes are destructive of the future. For over seven years that tribe has been headed by President Obama.

    But, these awful accusations about my tribe are not true. If the other tribe is successful in destroying what I know to be the exceptional greatness of my tribe, my evidence says that that transformation would be destructive of the best future. The tribe that embraces the justice of INDIVIDUAL liberty, free in the PURSUIT of happiness guaranteed by the original intent of the Constitution is doing exactly what it should be doing; hating and trying to resist infections and correcting the ills it believes are destructive of the future.

    People are the same. Their beliefs are not. We all share the same range of feelings. But feelings are cultivated by our beliefs, and thus out of diverse beliefs we cease to share the reasons that cause the feelings we feel.

    It should be clear that it is BELIEF and not hate that is central to the issue. However, we could strive to hate false beliefs. We may then find sufficient motivation to better discipline the processes by which we test our beliefs to correlate with the objective truth of things. Of great interest is the apparent fact that very smart university professors (mostly in the humanities) often favor and proselytize leftist (or progressive) beliefs. An in-depth-analysis of this phenomenon is wonderfully presented in a book by Thomas Sowell, “Intellectuals and Society”. It is particularly fascinating when the brightest of the bright differ with others who are just as bright!

    1. Loyalty to country should trump (not Donald)loyalty to party.Is it God given alone to be able to know the difference? If it is,apparently a growing number of Republicans are finding “God”!

      1. The “country” the Republicans believe they should be loyal to is quite different than the “country” the Democrats believe they should be loyal to. The many interpretations of “God” are not a necessary factor in our debate as to which concepts of “country” (here in a measurably objective universe) would best serve the human future.

  2. RMV&VV offer an exit lane from an evolutionary one way/ dead end.Brain imaging will tell us eventually if this exit is open.There is,however, no question but that the moral ethical conclusions drawn are unassailable.

    Meantime a nefarious,sly, “shoulda been one term” Obama is letting drug users and possessors and some sellers out on amnesty.567 have been freed and with the help of a democratically inclined judiciary thousands more will never be arrested with their crime eventually recategorized to misdemeanor from felony. This is clearly an assault on the private prison industry as is the interference with the closing of abortion clinics.This resulting in the elimination of potential clients.So thousands of blue collar ill educated,mostly white, mostly male Americans will be unemployed.Donald ye old Trumpeter stop messing up your candidacy; these Americans need you! By the way, can your wall handle some more job applicants?

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