Patriotism and The Trump…eter

JTG has drawn to my attention  the N.Y. Times/ N.Y. Daily News vs N.Y. Post coverage of the Donald’s draft status during the Vietnamese war.In fact JTG, the story of his educational deferments and the subsequent 4F(still a classification at the time?)categorization due to  tiny bone spurs is reasonably well known. It’s the old story of the power of money.As an old collegiate intramural boxer(ill advised) it is my considered opinion that Putin knows that with the boxing gloves on Hillary would keep getting off the floor and keep punching (through her tears) while the Trump..eter would be backing away after the first blow landed and looking to tap someone to come into the ring even though it was the wrong sport.

The ethical barrier to the professional guilds taking a stand on psychological competence is of interest here. Many of the generals are speaking out despite admonishment, because of the risk.(Allen is the latest)But the professional guilds would be punished by losing tax exempt status if they did.There would also be differences of opinion.Nevertheless I see nothing objectionable to their supplying a needed scale for people to use in forming their opinions.It won’t be done because of fear but “mene,mene Tekel Upharshin….” ,the biblical handwriting on the wall(You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting…your kingdom shall be divided between the Medes and the Persians) can be writ large not only on Trump but on the nation he proposes to lead, should it elect him.Yes Donald,if Hillary is the devil the bible has been let into the conversation.



  1. This comment could go equally to the psychopathology commentary.The childish glee of the Trump…eter on being given someone’s purple heart was disgusting to behold.A dignified and statesmanlike response would have been to gratefully acknowledge the sentiment and to decline the offer on the grounds that it had to have been earned with blood and in the nation’s defense..This shows the unpatriotic and transactional mentality of Trump and his ilk.a lack of feeling helps.(Melania’s $2,189 sold out dress,Ivanka’s $138 sold out dress,the White House?…offer to Kasich? offer to Pence? Offer to Putin!?? It surely isn’t “Love” that is for sale.

    1. Thank you, daedal2207, for another summary of repugnant behavior (not discussing here the merits of unstated policies!) by the psychopath candidate … all examples. The continued narrative with the Kahns moving away from the headlines … and, then, the Purple Heart incident! No possible room for misinterpretation or excusing. There is a sense that the floodgates may be opening to distance any possible association with this national embarrassment as endorsements from unsuspecting corners are lining up. Hopefully, King Rat will sink with the ship!

  2. Does the VP swear to defend the Constitution and preserve and defend the United States of America?Recent Television scenarios(Karen Stone,Kiefer Sutherland) exploit the lack of definition of a role for the VP.(Despite the “omniscience” of the Founding Fathers) But aside from that office being a source of potential threat to the President, it also lends itself to being promised as more than a Richelieu or Machiavelli role.When that happened in the Presidency of GW 42, 9/11 AND Iraq descended on us.There seem to be legs to the rumored mongering of the Presidency by Trump et al .It would explain the contempt of Kasich,the hunger and mortfication of Christie and the acceptance of Pence.Most important it explains the willingness of Republicans to accept the antics of the Donald in anticipation of the ascendancy of Pence.Dick Cheney, old Darth Vader, are you ready to advise ?

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