We Have Nothing to Fear,,,part 2

A different response to forwarded material re Trump from a different source requesting once again no attribution…

I entered this world rife with fascism and am loathe to exit one similarly burdened.Let the overwhelming population of those fascinated with Trump come to their senses before it is too late. The state of affairs he “trumpets”,takes on a life of its own,long overshadowing its source of origin;like falling into a sink-hole and then attempting to extricate oneself.

Trump’s supporters and their progeny are the ones most likely to suffer the ravages of his persona and policies, if indeed they ever surface,like his income tax returns before November 8th of last year.

Sic transit gloria mundi !



  1. (From Part 1 of post): “It would seem to me that more from psychiatry and sociology would be in order.”

    YES … including the call for the “empirical analysis.”

    Ah, beware of those who see … actually comprehend … for they may enlighten the world before them … without the need of a spike to nail viewpoints down. daedal2207, not having had the pleasure and good fortune of having attended one of your classes, the narrative/comments that follow are based purely on personal observation intertwined with life’s experience.

    On November 1, 1994, Carol Neulander was found bludgeoned to death. She was the wife of Fred J. Neulander … the rabbi who had presided over our two sons’ bar mitzvahs. On November 22, 2004, “Fred” (as his middle son referred to him during his trial) was found guilty of the murder. http://articles.latimes.com/2002/nov/21/nation/na-rabbi21. In view of the nature of his position as a religious (spiritual?) leader, the head of the largest temple in Southern New Jersey, the rabbi became the en vogue example … in social circles and elsewhere … of a “sociopath” or “psychopath.” Rabbi Neulander targeted, identified … and later hired to do the killing … a member of his congregation who had such low esteem of himself that he justified the ultimate crime … taking a life. Jenoff (the killer, along with Daniels) was in awe of the rabbi … felt honored by the attention the rabbi bestowed on him through the (smoking) walks around the temple and his “believing” Jenoff’s fictitious accounts of work done on behalf of the Mossad. When Jenoff retreated from his first attempt at the crime, the rabbi threatened him. In exposing my naïveté, it was inconceivable to me, 22 years ago, that an “upstanding” member of my community … society at large … could so ruthlessly and cold-bloodedly have manipulated a troubled human being … never mind thinking of the act itself. Judge Linda J. Baxter spoke from the bench:

    “After listening to both sides and the victim’s relatives for more than an hour, Judge Baxter made her ruling. She said that the fact that Neulander contracted the killing and planned it for six months cried out for the maximum penalty allowed by law. … ‘She had the right to live out each and every day that was allotted to her,’ Baxter said, as Neulander stood. ‘She had the right to grow old and you took that right away from her. You decided how long she would live and when she died. You planned and plotted and premeditated the murder over six months. … ‘It is conduct which is cold and calculated, and should send shivers down the spine of any civilized person.'”

    The list of criteria for “psychopath is: uncaring, shallow emotions, irresponsibility, insincere speech, overconfidence, narrowing of attention, selfishness, inability to plan for the future, violence. (The list’s explanations are summarized here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mindmelding/201301/what-is-psychopath-0)

    As far as Neulander (the closest I have come to personally have known and interacted with a psychopath) … and Trump are concerned, all categories get checked. Neulander is serving in jail, having (after many appeals) just been recently denied a new trial. So, to address the present threat of a Trump presidency:

    Uncaring, shallow emotions: Amongst the many cold-blooded and callous ways of responding to the Kahn family’s assertion that the candidate had never sacrificed, “… Donald Trump claimed that he had in fact sacrificed by employing ‘thousands and thousands of people.’ … ‘I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard.'”


    Since when is being in the fortunate position to provide jobs a sacrifice?! Since when is working “very, very hard” a sacrifice … unless you’re a coal miner?

    Insincere speech: A euphemism for the proven pathological liar.

    Overconfidence: “I’m the only one who can fix it,” the latest claim among so many that spared us his physical attributes.

    Irresponsibility: Fraudulent behavior victimizing the vulnerable (court suits in the thousand filed); calling on a foreign nation to cyberattack our own.

    Narrowing of attention: Just ask his ghost writer (The Art of the Deal) Tony Schwartz who now has his personal cross to bear for having sold his soul to Lucifer, certifying an unwillingness to learn … ANYTHING.

    Inability to plan for the future: He surely didn’t plan ahead for his presidential run when filing with the IRS! If there were something to boast about, he would release his returns.

    Violence: Not only has he condoned violence at his rallies, but “… Donald Trump said he wanted to ‘hit’ several unnamed speakers … ‘so hard’ they would ‘never recover.’ … ‘I was gonna hit one guy in particular, a very little guy,’ he said as his audience applauded and cheered. ‘I was gonna hit this guy so hard his his head would spin, he wouldn’t know what the hell happened.’ … Several news organizations, … speculated that the person Donald Trump was referring to was the former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

    As Neulander conned Jenoff, Trump is singing the sirens’ song, conning the nation with the display/lure of his gold, so immorally begotten. Just like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart remarked about pornography, “I know it when I see it.” Come to think of it, Mayor Bloomberg said he was from New York and he too knows a con when he sees it!

    (From Part 1 of post): “… we were required to read Civilization and its Discontents in your course and I recall 50 years later a statement therein to the effect that the overwhelming history of mankind has been governed by dictatorships.”

    Civilization … History … why is there such an aversion to tapping into such wealth of knowledge and experience? Why is Trump being celebrated for his ignorance?

    (From Part 2 of post): “Trump’s supporters and their progeny are the ones most likely to suffer the ravages of his persona and policies, … ”

    Why is such public display of utter disrespect/crassness being tolerated rather than shunned? These are not differences in policies being stated … they are personal attacks and physical insults being hurled out there. While there is the concept of freedom of speech, yelling fire in a crowded theatre is not covered.

    In personifying the American dream/ideals, the immigrant Kahns called on the political leaders to have the courage to address the moral imperative before them. Do we truly want our children to be looking at Trump on television and hope they grow up like him? With every fiber of my being I look at my own and say “NO.” We can deal with and overcome fear. How do we overcome a psychopath president? Please psychology and sociology … we await your input.

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