Hippolyte Outgunned

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was dumped by the Clinton campaign as DNC chairperson and disappeared from sight despite her promise to resign at convention’s end.This tough and capable double mastectomy cancer survivor and good friend of Gabby Gifford and Hillary Clinton is the second Florida politician to go down in flames in this election season.Rough and tumble as Florida politics is, it is apparently unable to prep its combatants for helicopters(Trump) and the surviving intelligence arm of the KGB.Schulz was just doing her job as it has been done for donkey(smile) years.To accuse this supporter of Israel and battler for equality as an antisemite is ridiculous.Rubio went low against Trump and belittled himself and lost. He’ll be back and maybe the nation  will need him as immigration issues reemerge.With presidential aspirations gone,maybe for good,maybe he can do some good.Hillary has felt and acknowledged the Bern.Now the “silly” supporters can hand Hippolyte back her arrows and encourage her to upgrade in case the Russian hackers heed Trump’s(sarcastic?)advice and Putin’s orders to keep attacking Hillary.


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