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This time it was Baton Rouge LA.Of course there were several others in between.but this police shooting of yet another black man bears an eerie resemblance to the shooting in N.Y. of the big man who was selling loose cigarettes.This father of five was selling DVDS and was no doubt carrying a gun to protect himself from two legged predators.The camera footage shows him pinned and the gun inaccessible but worse it captures the panic and projected fear or hatred accompanying the fusillade of shots fired by the two police into the supine and defenseless(offenceless as well)Alton Sterling.
Before we can say Jack Robinson( not Jackie),the next day,a man named Philando Carlisle is captured on video shot to death in his car,in Minnesota with his girlfriend and child looking on.Grotesquely, we can see that his arm(the one that reached for the requested license) has been blown off)and we hear the articulate girl friend say “you asked for the license,please don’t shoot me!”.once again the video picks up panic and projected fear( or hatred) on the part of the cop.Philando had made the mistake of telling the cop that that he was armed.(He HAD A PERMIT)Yes murdered black and brown men are a special group!The criminal acts legislation signed into law by Clinton in 1994 contains a requirement that all killings by the 17,000 local law enforcement agencies be reported federally.Congress has never supplied the money or the interest to have this done.”Black Lives Matter”,enough is too much!!IF POLICE ARE THE  GOOD GUYS WITH A GUN,WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?Would you prefer the Donald(Trump…eter) answer or (sometimes)Haughty Hilary’s?



  1. Absolutely Susanna,respect,understanding and empathy are essential.Are we beyond attaining it? The worldwide increase in female leadership(including reluctant geographical areas)may indicate that social evolution is trying to head off the violent consequence of biological evolution and genetic determinism.We may be putting forward the more empathic side of our species but not all females are equally so endowed and it is certainly a case of the tortoise catching the hare.We’ll see what the presidential candidates have to say!

  2. I wish to offer five facts that should absolutely infuriate you about police and racist violence:

    Fact #1: Black folks often don’t have to be doing anything wrong to get stopped, harassed, or attacked by police.
    Example: Stop & Frisk policies were designed to concentrate effort against blacks and minorities.
    Police presence is also much higher in black communities, leading to more confrontations.

    Fact #2: Black folks routinely get harsher ‘punishments’ than white folks acting on the same behavior.
    Example: A black man was given jail time for being caught with one marijuana joint in his pocket.
    Wall Street banks were fined $204 billion dollars yet, not one white investment banker served any prison time, paid any personal fines, or was even adjudicated community service for their crimes.
    The Wall Street bankers who laundered over $850 billion in narco-terrorist monies not only were not punished, they received bonuses and the banks’ fines were considered the cost of doing business.

    Fact #3: Even black children are often held to impossible standards to avoid police violence.
    White children’s conduct is often characterized as misbehavior, whereas black children are called thugs and treated as adults.
    Police shot 12 year old Tamir Rice two seconds after their vehicle arrived on scene, claiming that he looked 20 years old and very threatening.
    So why weren’t the other children at the playground running away from him?

    Fact #4: Black folks often face more scrutiny for their protests.
    Example:Black Lives Matter protesters were marginalized even within the LGBTQI Pride parades, even though many of them were LGBTQI individuals themselves and were suffering persecution both for being LGBTQI as well as black.
    Whites often staged All Lives Matter protests as resistance to BLM protests.
    Police only confronted the BLM protesters and not the ALM protesters.
    Whites failed to realize that although all lives do matter, only blacks were being persecuted and discriminated against.

    Fact #5: The system’s not broken – it’s operating exactly as designed.
    A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.
    Example: Longer and harsher sentencing, lesser legal representation, higher fines and bonds, et cetera.
    Slavery was outlawed, yet prisoners are used by private prisons to reduce their labor costs (kitchen, laundry, and cleaning crews), both in their operations and for manufacturing purposes (e.g. license plates, etc.).
    Prisoners have started using work stoppages in lieu of hunger protests to achieve degrees of change within the prison environment.
    Those work stoppages do often lead to solitary confinement and much worse in the way of retributions.

    Some will deny these five facts … as I stated previously in another post, people enjoying privilege are often reluctant to relinquish that privilege.

    1. Yes, GS and daedal2207. And this plague is overtaking. Presently watching live coverage of HORRIBLE deadly shooting in Dallas. What has been unleashed by such frustration, total mishandling of conditions? Two snipers shooting 11 policemen, with 3 dead!

      daedal2207: “… enough is too much!”

      Indeed … to be sure. And, the political reference is absolutely spot on. The success of obtaining a nomination to the presidency … Trump … by spreading/encouraging hate is beyond the pale. The cost of this destruction in trust and moral collapse will be much greater than what we could have spent in addressing these challenges with respect, understanding and empathy. It would be greatly appreciated if the term “empirical evidence” were not invoked. Presently, it has a callous connotation.

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