A Sit In: House of Representatives Style

Two days ago Democrats staged an unprecedented sit in in the House of Representatives led by John Lewis and powerfully seconded by Nancy Pelosi.The attempt was to get a vote on a “No Fly List ” denial of gun purchase and an “under FBI scrutiny” denial.Speaker Ryan called it “a publicity stunt”.in the senate Susan Collins put forward a bill which was cleverly twisted by McConnell so that the likes of John McCain could vote for it with the assurance that it would not get sixty votes and a simple majority would not do.Let’s hear it for the follow the money,good guys who sell guns (NRA)and our elected representatives who don’t give a tinker’s dam about governing,grief,or fairness!Small wonder that popular sentiment begins to swing toward benevolent despotism.The problem is that while the despot may be big,tall and handsome,he(she)doesn’t stay benevolent long.Greed and scapegoating are soon to wreak havoc.



  1. Hi Claude From the Danube on the Viking Vili GOOD NEWS! I read that Nate Silver’s 538 has predicted a less than 20% chance for Trump with Hillory racking up 350 Electoral votes. This should bring panic to the GOP. Task. Task. Take care. Bob

    1. Enjoy your travels!30 years ago the Danube was no longer blue.Maybe like the Hudson it’s been cleaned up? The problem with the Republicans is that they are dominated by tea partyers and former Dixiecrats.The old party structures with back room deals ultimately allowed compromise,the new “purity” does not.Sanders is the Democratic party equivalent of Trump and no compromise.So the Democratic party is at risk too.But you’re quite right because with compromise hard to come by.(the underlying glue of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution),competence and sanguine temperament are essential leadership
      Did you know that Bernies’ narcissism is costing all of us $25,000/day.It’ll be $2,000,000 in secret service fees by the time he drops out.

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