Experiencing a New Technology

I recently tried Uber as a new way of getting downtown in the early morning rush hours.My wife and I used the the new technology with some trepidation but were delighted with the outcome.At 1/3 the cost of a limousine and with the added attraction of a conversation with a driver from southeast Asia.This gentleman who was driving to be busy and not for the money, explained that U.S. sanctions did work against his government but took a long time and had the effect of squeezing the poor to the point of near rebellion after which the military junta effected political reform.The return trip was equally edifying. We chose the group option and had the company of a young black man with a Philadelphia Eagle’s cap.The driver this time was from eastern Europe and the discussion was not about the Thunder and the Warriors, but about the minimum wage.Surprisingly, there was agreement that the $15 wage would squeeze those previously employed at near minimum wages in favor of new workers.I suggested that it might also accelerate automation at the cost of future jobs,but the concensus was that you can’t automate hash slinging and burger whomping much.In retrospect it was an example of the dialogue between the present and the future.Future need compromising many in the present in favor of accomodating more and or different others.Just as Uber and Lyft are damaging the regular taxi and limo licensees in favor of an army of non professional drivers and the pocketbooks of many.



  1. An overnight visit from a Grandson,en route to San Diego, introduced me to Uber, for the first time. He had to leave, for the airport, at 4:00 AM and,by God, the Uber driver was there at the door right on time. Frankly. although I prided myself, when in my Fifties, that I was au courant with the latest technologies, I have been unable to keep up. I am both in awe and apprehensive, at the same time, about the new stuff. Thanks for the post.

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