The woman card in a game of no Trump.

The response of the republican faithful to the Trump candidacy has been startling.Accusations have flown that he is no true conservative,that his acerbic attacks on Mexicans,immigrants in general,and particularly women, makes him duck soup for an opposing democrat.Certainly Hillary Clinton and maybe even Bernie Sanders.His remaining competition is down to Kasich( no chance) and Cruz who has been called “Lucifer in the flesh” and “the meanest s.o.b.I’ve ever tried to work with”by John Boehner,former speaker of the house and still beaming from his interchange with Pope Francis.Perhaps that meeting with the Pope gives him more credibility than normal in recognizing a devil incarnate.
The assault of the Trump…eters on the inequity issue has legs.Two 2015 contributions to Alternet by Paul Krugman tell us why.In one of the articles he indicates the false beliefs about the poor held to by the rich.In the other he indicates that holding on to economic power through the control of political power is what conservatism is all about.When the rubber hits the road, it comes down to denying the impact of demographic change through control of voting laws and preventing tax and immigration reform.So he has given us the explanation for government to be shut down or rendered ineffective.Since the federal government is the only aspect of governance with the power to directly augment the power of the poor,new migrants,minorities(visible)and yes,women…stop the government from working!The last person to seriously pursue government shutdown happens to be John Boehner’s Prince of Darkness a man named Cruz!



  1. Thank you, Daedal2207, for providing a “Progressive” view of society and political agendas. As someone with a different read, let me present some other possibilities (for increased empathic understandings?)
    Yes, Boehner does not like Cruz. The Republicans are split in great part due to the fact that those who are called “the establishment” are believed to have been too willing to compromise with the Democrats who are thought to have excessively grown the power of the central government. Cruz and Boehner may each believe the other to be a form of “Lucifer”, but only one was sufficiently intoxicated (with liquor? and/or self-righteousness?) to express it outwardly. It remains a question as to which person’s view is more objectively accurate.
    Paul Krugman may believe that “holding on to economic power through the control of political power is what conservatism is all about”, but that belief runs up against a fundamental conflict: The “conservatives” advocate the original intent, “limited power” read of the constitution, and an economic system that needs to be relatively free of government intrusion. It is called free enterprise. If we experienced too much of what the Republicans want we would actually be shifting toward anarchy, not toward too much power and control. The constitution contains only 4,543 words and was designed primarily to avoid problems associated with corruptions of power. The specific meanings of those 4,543 words were understood by most literate citizens of the late 18th century. The Affordable Health Care Act alone consists of multi millions of words and is still growing.
    Demographic change is meaningless to the degree that all advocate for the same INDIVIDUAL rights. Increasingly this is not a shared value – and that is the crux of the “diversity” issue.
    The Republicans believe that voter fraud is the more likely consequence of increasing laxity in voting requirements.
    The Republicans believe that attempts at immigration reform have been unsuccessful mainly because Democrats have not wanted it. By its remaining as a political issue, the Republican’s desire for no-special-treatment for (illegals, Hispanics, gays, women, etc.) can be demagogically depicted as “hatred” against those who belong to such groups.
    Daedal2207 is correct with the observation that a strong, forceful, central government is needed to engineer the kinds of “social justice” that the political left desires. This is not the equal-for-every-individual kind of “justice” promised by the original intent of the constitution. But, authoritarian power is a means (the only means?) by which selected groups can, with force, be statistically “equalized” with other groups. “Acceptable or unacceptable”” attitudes about our thoughts and feelings can be advanced – or squelched – by rule of new law.
    I see little evidence that Donald Trump understands, or cares about conservatism, or about original intent. He seems to be as inclined toward authoritarian control as are the Progressives. A wild card difficult to predict, some of his specific issues run counter to those desired by both left and right.
    Sometimes real improvement can be forced on us (by our “betters” in government?). But, this method carries with it some significant downsides, and it is in stark contrast with the original idea that was the United States of America.

  2. Thanks SB for your referential reminder that women are also susceptible to the appeal of patriarchy in troubled times.It would appear that homo sapiens’ earliest gods were earth deities associated with fertility and fecundity.Paleoanthropologists now opine that with trouble coming from the heavens… fire, flood,hurtling comets etc., Homo turned to the heavens and father gods abandoning the earth mothers.From a Jungian perspective,the threat of whose return may lie deep within the collective unconscious, accounting for the often murderous suppression of women.
    Oh well,in any case, women will determine this coming presidential election.

    1. daedal2207: “Oh, well, in any case, women will determine this coming presidential election.”

      You got that one right, Professor Thomas. Let’s hear an “Amen” on that one. Throughout life’s experience, there seems to be a mistaken assessment … as that of weakness … when lots of rope is given. Then … yank! Miscalculating generosity … of spirit. Another lesson for the youngins!

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