Revisiting the Good,the Bad and the Ugly

There is much talk in the media, and generally, about the crisis of The Republican Party. The crisis is seen to be of existential proportions and to go well beyond the upcoming election.

It is less well bruited about that there is a parallel crisis in The Democratic Party, although not of existential proportions.

The crises are due to the wide recognition of an elite whose intensely serviced interests transcend and may be opposed to those of the hoi polloi (Romney’s 47% ). Remember all the 99 Percenters, the Dignity Crusaders, and the Black Lives Matter protesters? These sounds are the sounds of the cobblestones of Paris being torn up

The KKK-ers and the white supremacists represent their own Nazi-style, hate-based agenda and are the natural result of the Southern strategy adopted by The Republican Party shortly after the only partially successful civil rights protests of the 1960s.
We see a black protester being escorted out of a Trump rally in North Carolina. He is hit in the face with an elbow and knocked off balance only to be immediately thrown the rest of the way down the coliseum stairs and manhandled by accompanying police. Even-handed treatment?…Hardly.

Even-handed treatment?…Hardly.

A Republican Party that relies on voter restriction, gerrymandering, and the manipulations of what survives of formerly Democratic Party Dixiecratism and which had as its Ace-in-the-Hole the powerful efforts of the late Justice Scalia, should have expected, with any loss to its controls, the rise of an angry oligarchical figure such as Trump (despite my belief that Trump manipulates feelings that he may personally lack). A democratic party that held power by moving to the right and standing time and again against unionism should likewise expect the rise of an incendiary liberal such as Sanders.

A Democratic Party that held power by moving to the right and standing time and again against unionism should likewise expect the rise of an incendiary liberal such as Sanders.

(On a lighter note, I believe that inability to hold one’s teacup properly and to say huge instead of Yuuge and nuclear instead of nukular disqualifies one from presidential candidacy!) (smile?)

Again, seriously, a protester charged the stage and confronted Trump yesterday. Such behavior, although emotionally understandable, can only fuel the impending fire and assure that the cobblestones are hurled.

If our democracy works, populism should not have to be controlled by the manipulations of an inner political elite. By the way, what happened to the CNBC rumor of an impending meeting between the likes of McConnell, Musk, Ellison, and others to mobilize ‘TECH’ to stop Trump?


  1. Beneath the surface turmoil there are massive and conflicting currents. Here is an attempt to clarify the character of these thrashing dynamic forces.
    It appears that the Progressive mind is buying as a foundational premise the idea that an 18th century constitution cannot serve well a 21st century citizenry. The use of this premise supports a logical conclusion that this modern era requires a change, a new system of governance, a fundamental transformation. (Although centralized power is as old an idea as is the history of man) The Progressives believe that a powerful elite, by freeing itself from onerous aspects of the old and binding Constitution, will dictate with greater wisdom (than individuals freely making their own way) how we should interrelate. But what if the core of our 18th century Constitution is founded on unchanging (timeless) characteristics of human nature? We do not argue that Shakespeare’s vivid 16th century understandings about the human condition no longer apply. Why would we presume that wisdom about the ways of today’s humanity exists only in contemporary left-wing imaginings?

    A dilemma:

    Who or what to blame? Nature does not distribute equally any of those things we value. Health, aptitudes, qualities linked to place of birth are all things of random chance. The groups with whom we love to identify have never received from nature an equally distributed favor.
    Complicating things even more, nature may be responsible for a built-in need, subject to addiction, to live and die for family and/or other groups such as nation, culture, race and religion. Nature has thrown us into this world carrying the burdens of inbred and conflicting urges. We build shelters to protect us from the ravages of nature’s weather. So too we build behavior-shelters consisting of principles which, if well designed and adhered to, help us to protect ourselves from the ravages of our lessor selves. The founders designed a set of constitutional principles that maximized individual liberty (with an assignment of an unambiguous dignity created by virtue of each person having possession of responsibility). These sheltering principles were to be served and protected (not threatened) by a limited, divided-power government.

    As individuals, we fight or barter with other individuals for those things we need. As groups, we war or trade with other groups for that which is needed. “The allocation of scarce resources that have alternative uses” is the fundamental definition of economics. Because ALL societies must perform this activity, the important issue is that of arranging for this allocation-process to be most efficient. The unchanging nature of human nature indicates that no matter when it evolved, capitalism, along with a free market linked to individual liberties, remains that system which is ablest to harness the powers of self-interest to attract needed talent and other resources quickly to where they are most needed, thereby answering society’s quest for plentiful product and its most rapid distribution.

    Although most bountiful, capitalism is not likely to distribute the products of labor “equally” and thus this “principle-shelter” does not promote a primary tenet required by the expanding Progressive faith. For this (religious-like) belief system, it is a striving for the maximum “equality” (distribution of “goods”) that is perceived to move its disciples closer to their vision of heaven. For the Progressive agenda to advance, there will need to be, as Obama announced in 2008, a “fundamental transformation”, and thus, turmoil.

  2. daedal2207: “(on a lighter note,I believe that inability to hold ones’ teacup properly and to say huge instead of Yuuge and nuclear instead of nukular disqualifies one from presidential candidacy!(smile?)”

    Smile? A hearty chuckle!

    daedal2207: “By the way what happened to the CNBC rumor of an impending meeting between the likes of McConnell,Musk,Ellison,and others to mobilize ‘TECH’to stop Trump?”

    Attendees: “Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google co-founder Larry Page, Napster creator and Facebook investor Sean Parker, and Tesla Motors and SpaceX honcho Elon Musk all attended. So did Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), political guru Karl Rove, House Speaker Paul Ryan, GOP Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ben Sasse (Neb.) … Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton (Mich.), Rep. Kevin Brady (Texas) and almost-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) … Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.), Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.), Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (Texas) and Diane Black (Tenn.) … Philip Anschutz, the billionaire GOP donor whose company owns a stake in Sea Island … Democratic Rep. John Delaney, who represents Maryland. Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times …”

    “Cook did not attend the Rove session, or otherwise take part in any political organizing, a source close to Cook emphasized. Musk tweeted Wednesday that he attended the meeting to talk about ‘Mars and sustainable energy,’ not Trump.”

    The “secret” meeting at Sea Island Resort brings to mind Groucho Marx’s wise advice … “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Maybe it’s paranoia, but there seems to be an ill wind persisting with the continued attention-getting grand-standings by another McCarthyite-like senator … Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Cotton has made the ambitious call of taking on Apple’s Tim Cook, even though former CIA and NSA Director, General Michael Hayden, supports Cook’s position.

    daedal2207: “A republican party … should have expected the rise of an angry oligarchical figure such as Trump.”

    A very generous credit to foresight that the party truly and obviously lacked … especially given all the conditions that led to the creation of such a figure. Pandora … and this time it’s the Republican Party that opened the box. However, yes … there is a cautionary lesson for the Democratic Party: “But if progressives are to beat back an increasingly virulent right and encourage the emergence of a more temperate form of conservatism, they have to ponder the crisis on their own side that is visible in this campaign and in most of the European democracies as well.”

    daedal2207: “(Despite my belief that Trump manipulates feelings that he may personally lack).”

    Revenge of a narcissist (as The NYTimes piece reveals There are no core beliefs to Trump … only success in the art of the deal. He thrives on outmaneuvering … and delights in counterpunching. If a life lived is any indicator, self-gratification is his only goal. No altruism … selfless service … higher calling … just an endless search for the ultimate con game (Trump University?). His guile is in recognizing an emotional weakness and feeding it. There are no principles involved in the power grab. Lies feed the insecurity … and, those lies, repeated enough, become facts to the disenfranchised. Whether he believes or not the hate he spews, one can only hope that, with the cruel miscalculation that he offered the non-whites as the sacrificial groups for those who fear the tide of demographical change, the axiom of what-goes-around-comes-around will bring him one more failure … and down. The evolving demographic is becoming the majority. The fictitiously created class warfare is tragic to witness for they are groups with equal concern as to access to opportunity. With no concrete paths/solutions being offered, just the specter of an illusion, it’s like watching the gladiators fight at the games staged in the Roman colosseums.

    daedal2207: “… a protester charged the stage and confronted Trump yesterday; such behavior although emotionally understandable can only fuel the impending fire and assure that the cobble stones are hurled.”

    To be sure! Talk about playing with fire! 1964 … 1965 …1968 … redux. Are these cleansing/evolutionary cycles?

    P. S. Who would have thunk that KKKers would be “respectable” company? That’s what you get for not knowing how to hold your teacup properly! (Smile)

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